Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High Back Chair for Baby

High back chair for Dhia
Sweet Cherry, RM149 @ Jaya Jusco

Comes in Blue/ Green
I just love the table! Ample space for her to play and place her food
Oh yes, the seat cover is easy wipe clean seat and looks so comfy!

Even worth for the RM, it is 2 in 1!

High back chair

and Table + Chair
Good for long term usage- place for her to eat & do her activities too!

Get more info from Sweet Cherry web,

I think, for RM149 it is so worth it
We have surveyed IKEA high back chair & personally think that this one is so much worth it! 
1. easy clean seat cover
2. comes with safety harness
3. removable tray/ adjustable distance
4. storage net
5.wide table space
6. 2 in 1!!!


Baby Grooming Set

Baby Grooming Set for lil "Syed", 

Nose Cleaner, Nail care set, hair brush, tooth brush set.
*I would personally prefer PIGEON nose cleaner than the pump nose cleaner.

and multipurpose box to keep all the items.

Hope you like it dear Aimi
Wishing you all the best & smooth delivery.


Dhia Dahlia's 1st Flight

Dhia Dahlia's 1st Flight

and probably her first & last flight with MH.

Excited to explore new environment around her

Us @ Pantai Batu Buruk, TGG

Flight home to KUL,
Dhia , going 8 months n 11th Nov 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I need MRT because...

MRT- My Rapid Transit is giving RM5,000 & RM10,000! Yes!
You can get more info on MRT at
Discover more about MRT; MRT Info Truck & Information Kiosks.

How to win RM5,000 & RM10,000?
Simple, it took me less than 5 mins to complete & submit my entry.

Checkout MRT Website & join the contest. Hurry! 

User friendly & stand yourself a chance to win the cash prizes.

I have submitted mine :) Waiting for the approval
and next, to get VOTES! 
My entry... *scratching head to think of the right word to be used*

In Hong Kong, it's called MTR-Mass Transit Railway
Super efficient-i hardly see the sun as it connected us almost to all the destination.
Most exciting part- I get to be at different shopping malls & realizing that I am in another shopping mall in just few minutes. Next thing I know, I am at the Hong Kong Disneyland! 

Me @ Tsim Sha Tsui station, Hong Kong

Spacious, yes, not as packed as our KTM-due to it's frequency and schedule.

In Dubai,they have the Dubai Metro.
Look at the stunning futuristic design of the station. 

at the Mall of Emirates station


Monday, October 15, 2012

Make your CV/Resume accessible anywhere, anytime

Get your profile/CV available on-accessible anytime & anywhere.
I trust this would be very beneficial for job seekers & job hunters to read more about you.

It's easy to customize, no coding (yes, no joke), Google friendly & stunning templates/design for you to chose.

Visit mine

I do not upload copy of my CV here, *confidential* ;p
(hey, I'd be happy to help you if you need any help to get your CV & Resume done)
I received tonne of resume in our Marketing mailbox. Everyday & like, its a lot!
Found that some of the CV is not interesting enough to get them a "DATE" with the company.
please contact me if you need any help okay? :)

My fav page- THE PROJECT, some of my previous work/job
(Unable to upload everything I have as some in CDs & not supported format)

It took me 1 day to complete my page. It was fun! Easy, Fast & most important thing that it is F-R-E-E!

Behind every MAN, there's a GREAT WOMAN

This lovely song is dedicated to my mum

 My 1st Birthday
Mum 49 yrs old, Me 25 yrs old

Left: Mummy recent photo, Right: Me :)
P/S: My photo will be used in the Maybank Photo Award
Wishing all the best to Manz! (Photographer)


Di sebalik semua lelaki di dunia
Pastinya didukung seorang wanita
Dia berkorban untuk
Memberi yang mampu 
Demi insan yang disanjung dalam hidup

Tatang hatinya bagai permata
Luangkan masa untuk bersama
Bilang padanya kau sayangkan dia
Sepenuh jiwamu

Tenangkan hatinya bila resah 
Setia didalam ceria dan gundah 
Itulah saja balasan diminta
Seorang wanita

Senyumannya mampu mengubati pilu
Ketika dunia tak kelihatan indah
Wajahnya yang ayu 
Menenangkan kalbu
Jgn kau hampakan cintanya yang tulus

Itulah dia seperti dia menyelimutmu
Itulah saja balasan diminta
Seorang Wanita

n yeah, *drum roll* Me & Yusry, photo taken in 2011 during AF8 Final Concert