Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I need MRT because...

MRT- My Rapid Transit is giving RM5,000 & RM10,000! Yes!
You can get more info on MRT at http://mymrt.com.my/
Discover more about MRT; MRT Info Truck & Information Kiosks.

How to win RM5,000 & RM10,000?
Simple, it took me less than 5 mins to complete & submit my entry.

Checkout MRT Website & join the contest. Hurry! 

User friendly & stand yourself a chance to win the cash prizes.

I have submitted mine :) Waiting for the approval
and next, to get VOTES! 
My entry... *scratching head to think of the right word to be used*

In Hong Kong, it's called MTR-Mass Transit Railway
Super efficient-i hardly see the sun as it connected us almost to all the destination.
Most exciting part- I get to be at different shopping malls & realizing that I am in another shopping mall in just few minutes. Next thing I know, I am at the Hong Kong Disneyland! 

Me @ Tsim Sha Tsui station, Hong Kong

Spacious, yes, not as packed as our KTM-due to it's frequency and schedule.

In Dubai,they have the Dubai Metro.
Look at the stunning futuristic design of the station. 

at the Mall of Emirates station



tyqa aziz said...

http://www.mrtmyride.com.my/ViewEntry.aspx?EntryID=1685 . tolong Vote sy ek. ni contest MRT :)

F. Hilda said...

Tyqa, congratulations on winning the MRT Contest!

Anonymous said...

where is ur entry? i wanna vote for u.. please vote for me too! thanks! :) http://www.mrtmyride.com.my/ViewEntry.aspx?EntryID=3019

F. Hilda said...

Will vote for you Ash, :)

Click the following link to VOTE me

PengangkutBag. said...

Hopefully you could whatsapp me at this number. 0129026467. I am nina's here :)