Friday, November 30, 2012

Malaysia Airlines Academy (MAS Academy)

Malaysia Airlines Academy (MAS Academy).
Operated since 1995. 

Just next to Manipal International University.

The building- those who attended MAS Cabin Crew Walk In Interview will be familiar with this building.

Let me take you through inside this building

The Building, 15 years old

Auditorium-Can fit 600 pax.
We used to have our MAS Cabin Crew Graduation, and even some kindergarten concert & Indian Dance Concert here too. Not forgetting this is the place where MAS staff gathered for financial results & town hall sessions.
Oh btw, MAS Academy does rent their facilities to public :)

The Audio Visual Aid Room (AVA)
I had my 1st day report duty in this room, with all the other briefing 

 The cafeteria, can fit 400 pax at a time

Another Cafe view,

The general classroom, 32 of them!
Yes, you can consider them (cheaper rates than having seminar in Hotels)

The classrooms are also being used as Break up room for MAS Cabin Crew Interview.
It's been quite some time since MAS had it Open Walk In Interview

Another setup of the classroom- 
Those Initial Cabin Crew who had their 3-4 months training here will surely miss their moments in class.

The Lecture Theatre.
Condusive for 150-250 pax Seminar/Talk.

Another Lecture Theatre (sorry for the old photo)

The library, and soon will be converted to the Archive Room

Meeting room for 6-8 pax

Holding room for the VVIP; "Meranti Lounge"

Sri Meranti 1 & 2,
our favourite class as it is just at Ground Floor.
We can save climbing the staircase. Hehe.
Oh, ya, they do not have lift in this building- it is always good to keep yourself fit by counting your steps :p

MAS Academy Hotel
96 rooms, standard room, Rm150 per room/per night
3 star hotel, affordable hotel in Kelana Jaya area.

The interesting part- The Cabin Services Trainer
Plenty of request to visit this area.
Mockup of First Class, Business Class & Economy Class seats.

This is where the crew undergo their services training.

Swimming pool? Yes, for Safety Class :)
Crew will jump in their hot kebayas!

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Fire Fighting Class @ The Smoke House
Smoke House? Not for smoking area ya. 

First Aid room

So much to share with you.

Stay tune. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ho Chi Minh/ Vietnam "1 Day Shopping Trip"

I decided to share my 1 day shopping trip to Ho Chi Minh City.
Flew with Malaysia Airlines with my ID75 rebate ticket,
 around RM400+ return ticket. Best part of being Airline staff :) 

Took early flight at 1000 hrs & return to KUL on same day on last flight at 1700++. Yes, I have to do a super quick shopping- shopping marathon!

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City!

Quick snap from the transport

I found this building interesting, again snap from the transport

I do not eat in Vietnam as time is too limited.
Anyway, I brought buns & snacks from KUL from Giant. Hehe.

The local

I got stuck on this road for almost 30mins (wasted).
The driver didnt understand English. 
I was pointing my finger on the business card for the boutique address.

Grrh! Driving in Vietnam city looks very challenging. 

Finally, managed to find the boutique.
Quick shopping, grab anything that looks good and dump everything in our luggage bag.

Mai Boutique. 
Those girls doing some beadings on the baju kurung.

Plenty for you to chose!

Strike pose with Vietnam City

My luggage bag- 2in1 (with smaller luggage bag inside)

Souvenirs! 4 for RM10 I guess.

Baju kurung heaven!
They speak malay "Kak nak baju kurung apa? moden? pesak? pahang?"
Wow! Paused and gone crazy. I feel like buying all of them!

As cheap as USD10 (RM30 per baju!)- Depends on your bargaining skills.
They accept RM too. I ran out of USD & go over budget and finally had to pay with RM.

Pilih pilih

you can find, kain ela, baju kurung, shawl, wig, etc etc

Gone mad.

Posing skit :) 

Ben Tan Market.

Ok, it is almost 4pm, we gotta rush to airport!

My last USD5, to enjoy glass of Hot Chocolate.

Spend all this for RM1,000 only!

Saw those baju kurung in Subang Parade-RM199-RM399.
I smiled looking at the price in KL and feeling so satisfied!

 Some of Vietnam Baju Kurung that I bought

I can recommend few boutique in Vietnam if you are interested.

So worth it. Happy :)

Btw, this was my trip in 2010.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pramugari Jadi Artis? Artis was a pramugari?

My dream job- flying high as stewardess.
Here to read all my Malaysia Airlines stories.

Let's see who had pursue my dream as a stewardess? Hee.

Photo all taken from several website/blog.
Credit to owner. Thanks.

The national carrier, MAS has a pool of talent/personalities who was working with the airline and then were part of the entertainment/modelling industry.

Let's see...Who?

1. Amy Mastura

2. Right- Fauziah Gous

Fauziah Gous again.

3. Middle- Normala Samsuddin

4. Ziana Zain

Among other personalities/celebrities who was a flight steward/es before that I heard/know of (correct if I'm wrong).
Anuar Zain, Sheryl Ibrahim, Maria Tunku Sabri, Rita Rudaini (was with MAS Academy), and few other names. 

Share with me if you happen to have the old photo of them with uniform :)

Oh ya, I heard Scha Al Yayha was a flight attendant with Air Asia?

Just for sharing.