Wednesday, November 7, 2012

FAQ for Malaysia Airlines Staff

FAQ for MAS Staff

Where ever & whenever we go, there's always this Frequently Asked Question for us.
These are some of the fav question;

1. Are you a stewardess/crew? Are you flying?
 I am not a crew. I am a ground staff. 

2. You look like a crew/stewardess?
Prolly because it's my ambition & being in this environment, I tend to groom myself like them? Not ex crew neither.

3. Why didn't you join as crew/flying?
I was supposed to fly; received offer letter as TRAINEE STEWARDESS but I had to turn down the offer.

We do have various department in MAS that ensures our daily operations run smooth. Commercial, ticketing, reservation, marketing, sales, training, HR, Finance, Airport Operation, and many more! It is not all about being a crew/ pilot. and there were about 16,000 of us. 

4. So, can you get free ticket for us?
I have annual privilege travelling (my FOC ticket) for my spouse & child (if married), and for my parents (for single- provided parents is not working). Good idea to look for partner/spouse who is working with airline to enjoy the travelling benefit.
Don't forget air fare is FREE but you gotta pay for airport tax.
Eg. Going to London, estimation of RM723 per pax, to New Zealand RM208 per pax.
This airport tax rates is cheaper than the commercial passenger.
and also, you gotta spare $$$ for lodging, transportation, meals, shopping etc on your own ;) 

5. So, can you get cheap fares for us?
To tell you the truth, I never bought ticket for others.
Those fares advertised online is always the good deals & also during the MATTA Fair.

6. What are the benefit & perks working in MAS?
It is really a good company & it offers good benefit & compensation for the staff.
I personally think that you will enjoy the benefit as much as I do.

#1 Well, it cover medical & dental for staff. But for expecting mother, you have to spare own $$$ for antenatal checkups & delivery costs. 
#2 Travelling- Annual FOC tickets, rebate tickets at 75% to 90% off
e.g Less than 5 years- 75% off, we called it ID75. e.g pay just RM80 all in fares to JB per pax, Less than 10 years- 80%, & as you stay longer, you will get more % and also if you are MAS Retiree- you can still enjoy travelling with your MAS Retiree ID. Good for those who loves travelling & also have lots $$$ to travel. Will so much benefit those who have family/relatives abroad. 

#3 Discounts
Well, flash your staff ID to enjoy some % for hotels, tourist attraction, even at the airport you enjoy 10% off for food & items in KLIA. I guess it applies to all airline staff. E.g I got 20% off for Hong Kong Disneyland admission, 10% off for shopping in KLIA, just pay RM15 for ERL (while others paying RM35). and of course, whenever Golden Boutique having sales, we get to buy the duty free items, perfumes & choc at a really reasonably crazy offer!
#4 Duty Travel
Depending on what you are doing in the company & your position, if you were sent for Duty Travel, E.g for executive level, you are entitle for Business Class seats & of course you have daily allowances, hotels & everything are paid by the company. T&C applies. 
#5 Annual Leave
If you are Executive level, its 24 days per annum. (Subject to change)
You will always get to carry forward your leave.
#6 Pay/Salary
Some says the salary is competitive with others company.
This is not a exact figures. Estimation purposes only.
Cabin Crew, basic RM1,200. (with flying allowances, can reach RM3,000-RM4,000-that's what my friends told me)
Entry level (Degree) , RM 2,400 +++ for Executive level
Senior Executive, RM4,000 >    , Manager, RM6,000 >   ,Senior Manager, RM15,000 >
(very subjective as it also depends on the yearly increment).
salary increment of per year, subjected to your KPI result.
# Bonus
Never in our dictionary at the moment (during my 3 years)

Any more question?


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