Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pramugari Jadi Artis? Artis was a pramugari?

My dream job- flying high as stewardess.
Here to read all my Malaysia Airlines stories.

Let's see who had pursue my dream as a stewardess? Hee.

Photo all taken from several website/blog.
Credit to owner. Thanks.

The national carrier, MAS has a pool of talent/personalities who was working with the airline and then were part of the entertainment/modelling industry.

Let's see...Who?

1. Amy Mastura

2. Right- Fauziah Gous

Fauziah Gous again.

3. Middle- Normala Samsuddin

4. Ziana Zain

Among other personalities/celebrities who was a flight steward/es before that I heard/know of (correct if I'm wrong).
Anuar Zain, Sheryl Ibrahim, Maria Tunku Sabri, Rita Rudaini (was with MAS Academy), and few other names. 

Share with me if you happen to have the old photo of them with uniform :)

Oh ya, I heard Scha Al Yayha was a flight attendant with Air Asia?

Just for sharing.

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