Friday, November 16, 2012

Renew your passport in 3 minutes?!

I went to Jabatan Imigresen, thinking it won't take that long as I'd like to renew my passport using the kiosk.

When I last renewed my passport, it took just 5 minutes using the kiosk.
Very efficient! and collected the new passport in 1 hour time.

To my surprise, it was a very loongggg que!
Can't afford to wait & then I discovered that we can renew our passport ONLINE.

Yes, online on your bed while wearing your pyjamas & enjoying cup of coffee while others have to que & fighting for parking.

Where to start?
Go to
Choose > Application of renewal of passport

It will direct you to a page to key in your I/C No & Passport No

 Yes, all your information will appear,
you just need to update them

Hassle free, just upload your passport photo

Guideline to ensure your passport photo meet the requirement.

Who is this boy? I dont know, the boy just appeared. Haha

Yes, check all the information & update them

Next, pay of course! 
Online banking/ Credit card

Less than 3 minutes, DONE.
Ok, but mine got stuck because I didnt receive my MSOS Credit Card code as Im having problem with my phone coverage (it's the DiGi problem & not the Imigresen, Dont worry)

and just collect your passport at the branch you have selected and bring your I/C & your old passport too!

Isn't that super efficient?

Ok, I gotta continue when my phone coverage is okay & will update more.

Happy Weekend!

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