Thursday, November 8, 2012

"You pramugari itu MAS kah?"

Fav question by Kodak Aunty/ Foto Zoom girls whenever I reprint my passport photo.

Aunty " You pramugari itu Malaysia Airlines kah?"
Foto Zoom girls "Akak ni stewardess MAS ke?"

My answer, "Nope & Bukan"
A friend of mine says "It's because of the signature "humps" on your head!"

Hint for reprint my passport photo.
The blue background- Obviously for passport purposes. Yeah, means, it's HOLIDAY for me!
Destination? Most probably to Auckland, New Zealand.
The white background- "My future" :)

Opps. Didn't I tell you that I have another 2 months+ with MAS?
MAS is my first company, my first job since Aug 2009. 
I know I am surely going to miss moments in MH.

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