Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HairWorks by Alvin

Alvin, he is my favourite Hair Stylist
Check him out here

This was taken after my confinement, mid 2012, need a manageable hair & doesn't take too long to get ready since I have baby

Give some time to get used to the hair, yeah, I blow dry my hair everyday!
with big round brush as advised by Mr. Alvin

Hmm, this was taken in 2010, trying a china doll fringe
I know it doesnt look that good but I insisted to try this fringe on me.

2009, I missed my long hair, hair style by Alvin too :)

Alvin know whats best for me-without having to refer to magazine as he said "NOT ALL HAIR STYLE FIT YOUR FACE".

Whenever I pointed at a certain model photo,
(aaa, okay I have to admit that I dont have that much time to set my hair everyday)

Will need something that is practical.
Well, atleast we have tried all the hair style.

Ok, Alvin, I am going to visit you soon.
Definitely need a new hair color & hair style too!

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