Wednesday, December 26, 2012


MAS Academy Library, if you have been here before,
you'll be surprise to see the AFTER result of this

In the progress to convert the library to a MH Gallery

Some refurbishment done,
Heritage, MH Gallery

The exterior of the old library

On 21.12.12, the soft launching of MH Gallery
girls from MAS Tari, they are children of MAS employee
which has also performed on my wedding in Felda Perdana
can pm if you are interested to hire them to perform on your event

and yes, officiated by MAS CEO- Dato' Ahmad Jauhari (better known as AJ)

Let's see some snapshot I've taken during the soft launch

MAS old stewardess uniform

Can you read ?

Old uniform 

Those were the days,

I'm one of the girls? Haha

Old seats


Info/TV- play some video of MAS

Yes, the library is now the MH Gallery.
Look at those black panels, it is a book shelf transformed to a display set.
Yea, Innovative & recycle, reuse & reduce cost :)

Oh look at this. 
those days, the stewardess carry this "first aid box" kind of thing- it is actually their hand carry bag.

me & my long lost bf. Ops! *joking*
The male crew has a new uniform effective 1 July , 2012

The collectibles items.

Wanna see more of this? 
You can view it at MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya.
I think they will start to open it for public soon. Stay tune!

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