Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pamper me! Pregnancy Massage

I am a time bomb, I need a pause.

Yes, it's 34 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy, I don't think it's a good idea to go for a holiday, especially travelling by plane or any long journey drive. However, I really need to pamper myself. Please please, pamper me.

Pamper me, with the Pregnancy Massage.
Yep, Pregnancy massage , specially tailored for mom-to-be to help reduce anxiety and relief muscle cramps. 

Urban Retreat Spa @ The Curve offers the Pregnancy Massage.
It is located at 1st floor, same level as the MPH Bookstore.

The reception counter & waiting lounge.
They will serve you ginger tea before you begin your treatment. 

As you walk to your massage room.

Not to forget, Urban Retreat Spa is the winner of BAZAAR Spa Awards 2013 for the BEST Pre-Natal Massage. This is my very first experience for a Pregnancy Massage. 
Mom-to-be out there, don't worry, this is specially made for US :)

Meet Thip, my masseuse. 
Notice that super comfy pillow- The Pregnancy Pillow! Yes Yes Yes!
I told you, specially made for US :)
Her delicate touch & soft massage. No essential oil being used as some oil may be sensitive to some mothers. The massage focuses on lower back, hip, legs & neck. 

You will lied down on your left side, & hug the pillow and then to your right side.
I can't really remember what happened- I think I was in my deep sleep, hehe. It must be really good till I can't really recall what's going on ;p  It was all for 90 mins treatment 
(for RM159), for full body of course. 

 I normally will get body ache after any massage, but this time around, surprisingly, NONE. Must be the delicate touch from Thip, thank you Thip :)

I must say, I really enjoyed the pregnancy massage. Definitely will book for another session. Come & join me ;p There's a room for 2 ;)

If you plan to get a massage, you may do so at your 2nd trimester onwards.
and as late as 1 day or 1 hour before delivery :)

Other services offered by Urban Retreat Spa

Besides The Curve, there's another outlet in 1 Mont Kiara, check out their website

I highly recommend mom to be out there to go for it.
You will not regret it, trust me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm 29 weeks :) ABC on my pregnancy

I'm back! 

Finally, I can kill some time & update my blog.
I am officially....

Let's talk about pregnancy.

FYI, this is my 2nd child.
My first child, DHIA DAHLIA was born 11th March 2012.
She's turning 3 and will be getting a brother/sister ;p

Since, some of you asked , let me share with you.
Here's the essential check list during pregnancy:


I think it's important to look good although we are pregnant.
You can purchase it online & direct at the store ( there's one in KLCC (in Isetan), Empire Subang where I normally go to). It's always been my preference since my 1st pregnancy as you can definitely use them even if you're not pregnant.

2nd pick will be MOTHERCLUB- I purchased at KLCC as well (in Isetan). 
The bottom & dresses are really affordable & comfortable too.

When is the right time to purchase maternity wear?
Well, for bottom- pants & skirt-5 months above or whenever you feel that your existing pants/skirts no longer love you ;p For dresses, I bought it at 7 months pregnancy.
It all depends on how big is your tummy. I am not a skinny person hence I need to hunt for maternity wear ;)

If you fancy dresses, you can also opt for FLOW (it's not maternity wear but it's for plus size & people with curve , yeah, we have curve!- but it works for me & I will definitely reuse it even for post pregnancy )

Opps, I don't really fancy rubber shoes ie Crocs but I like iPanema :)

You can always go to maternity/ baby shop for bra even nursing bra (only buy nursing bra when you are 7 months pregnant & above). For panties, normal lingerie shop would have a maternity pants, surprisingly AEON Jusco also selling comfy & very reasonable panties for mom to be, with adjustable strap & button :)

  • Monthly Check up- I normally do my 1st monthly check up till 6 months of pregnancy at nearest clinic (Klinik Pakar Wanita preferably/ clinic that offer ultrasound, prenatal checks). Once I reach 6 months pregnancy, I'd get a summary/full detail report from the clinic & start to book / continue my check up at the hospital where I plan to deliver. My 1st pregnancy- I did my checkup at KLINIK KITA, WANGSA MAJU & now at KLINIK FAMILI DR WAN KAMARIAH SETIAWANGSA. Klinik Kita- flexible & no appointment required but you'll get different doctor (depends on their availability & time you visit the clinic- I think it's lack of consistency as you refer to few doctors). Klinik Famili Dr Wan Kamariah- available Mon-Thu from 9am to 1pm, however you need to come at 8am to que for your turn. It normally takes 1-2 hours of waiting and you can practically ask anything you want! I guess that's why the waiting is painful as everyone drag the doctor's time. I like the doctor, but I found it quite gross that they actually reuse/ recycle the urine plastic cup. Errr...
  • Antenatal Class - very useful for first time parents- I attended mine at HUKM, about RM100 per couple for full day class 9am-5pm , food & notes provided. About 20 couples per class. You can always register for antenatal class at any hospital- good to do it at the hospital that you plan to deliver- we had a tour to the hospital, emergency hall & labor room. They also cover breathing technique, how to bath your baby, confinement care, exercise during pregnancy. There's goodie bags & free stuff ie diapers, formula milk ( I guess this depends on sponsors).
  • Hospital & Gynae - at 6 months the latest, book & plan where you want to deliver. It's crucial to continue your monthly check up at the hospital as you will need to prepare if it's a premature birth & hospital would prefer patient will full record so that they could treat you based on your record & medical history. This is also to book the gynae that you want. For both of my pregnancy, I started my check up at 6 months at the hospital.
  • Carry your Mom's Book/ "Buku Merah"/ Hospital Book- at 7 months do make it compulsory for you to bring your book anywhere at any time. You don't want any last minute or emergency to happen & you don't carry your record with you.
  • Hospital Bag- at 7 months, get your hospital bag ready in your car/ at home where you can just easily grab the bag.

I'm packing my hospital bag, will share with you the essentials you need :)
Oh yeah, I will continue my blog-sorry I had to put a full stop as my lil Dhia needs me now ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Complete your style with Casio Watch

We all know that our mobile phones (especially our smart phones) nowadays is our best friend. That's include telling the time. But hey, I think some of us still depends on our watch to tell the time. 

For me, WATCH is equally as precious as TIME. I still see people wearing their watches (including me). In fact, watches are also a substitute bracelet to dress up our outfit and to complete our style. ( I bet most of you will agree with me as I do dress up & match my watch with what I am wearing).

There are a variety of watch brands available in the market and one of the well-known brands to women is Casio. The brand is always keeping in track with the latest fashion trends to provide their fashion conscious customers with the best Casio watch

Here's the 3 different types of looks which we can create using the fabulous time piece from Casio whether on their casual day out or at work.


1. The Sweet Feminine Look
Select a silver time piece from CASIO watch collection and pair it with a nice adorable looking dress. The classic watch design that the brand has will perk up your outfit effortlessly as the simplicity of the watch design is suitable to get that modest look. Besides that, it also reveals a humble yet stylish fashion look for you to flaunt it around town or even on a date with the special someone.

2. The Sophisticated Woman
The next look is suitable for the ladies who want to show off a mature and charismatic side of them to others. Wear a gold metal plated CASIO watch with nice printed jumpsuit and a pair of killer heels on your day out or even at work. The signature gold design watch from Casio will definitely give you a professional appearance as well as portrays the ladylike personality you are aiming for.

3. Accessorize your wrist

Another look for you to try is by accessorizing your wrist with matching jewelleries to better enhance the look of your Casio watch. Whether you select a black coloured strap, gold or silver stainless steel watch from Casio, have fun and create a fantastic fashion look to convey your true vibrant personality. 

Photo credit to Google.

These watches are definitely must have as it will complete you in whatever look you wished for. 

Interested to get a Casio watch just for you? 
Check out ZALORA’s website for Casio watches online today!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Per'l Xlim: Lose Weight with no diet & exercise! Just amazing

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Finally! I’d to share with you my 1 month experience consuming Per’l Xlim.
With normal food intake (no diet ya) and no exercising, I manage to lose 1kg in a month by consuming Per’l Xlim. In fact, few inches lost too and my colleague told me that they realized the changes.
(happy, happy mode).

It works! Besides losing weight, (imagine the kgs I’d lose if I continue to consume Per’l Xlim), it gives me more energy (definitely need this as my routine is too tight).  For those who’s having constipation problem, it will surely help you :)  trust me.

As Per’l Xlim comes in sachet, it is easy to bring, prepare and consume. I technically will have Per’l Xlim wherever I go, home to office to even for a holiday! No hassle and easy :)

Setiap masa, di mana jua!

So, what are you waiting for? 

It’s proven and you will lose weight as easy as ABC with no diet and exercise. I’ve tried it for a month and will surely keep continue consuming Per’l Xlim to get my desired weight . Yay!

Sharing my experience consuming Per'l Xlim

Critical moments! your final weight!

Bersama-sama blogger terkemuka, muka-muka yang sangat familiar

As usual, one is never enough kan...our 2nd, 10th shots ;p

Don’t wait and hurry, give yourself a try! 
Stay tune and check out for more updates.

Per’l Xlim, Rahsia Wanita Kekal Mempesona!

If you missed my previous entry on Per’l Xlim, here you go:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

#throwback Joey & Zoey Telemovie

YouTube-ing and found this!

Way back in 2009, did this for side income.

Spot me ;p

Some of behind the scenes photo that I still have

Me & Ainul- we are April babies!

Killing our time

MMU-ians, proud to be MMU students!
Azma Aizal Yusof is now a super talented actor, script writer & producer
Catch his latest work @ TV3, 7pm "Kerana Terpaksa Aku Relakan"

This was taken in 2011, I was 6 or maybe 7 months pregnant?
Azma was a producer and coincidently, he was shooting at my in law's place! (where I used to live at that time). Such a small world!

Was taken just recently at Rico Rinaldi's Summer Raya Fashion Show

Zahiril Adzim ( I hope it's the right spelling)

oh #throwback mode. Hehe.

My Wish List: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Went to Japan Home Centre @ Wangsa Walk
(few shops from Cold Storage), was browsing through and this caught my attention.

There's a demo set there, I guess I've cleaned that portion of tiles in their shop!
Was too amazed to see & try it.

Check it out:

It's RM99. and there's also extra cleaning pad at RM17.90 (if I'm not mistaken)
and there's few other accessories as well.

Hubby said "Do you really need this now?"

I said "Not really but it would be good to have this"

After watching the video, I guess I can make my justification why I should get this
1. no carrying of pail & water (imagine I cleaned the floor and reused the dirty water for another round of cleaning, yucks)-I'm OCD! 
2. conventional cleaning method-messy and prolly I will end up using more cleaning solution
(imagine if you didn't finish your cleaning, you can keep the water and reuse it the next day/time?
3. I don't mind cleaning the pads ;p
4. convenient

Ok, I am so gonna go to Japan Home Centre tomorrow to get this.

Wish List. Attention to hubby :) :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dhia Dahlia- Trip to Hello Kitty Town, Johor Bahru

It's Dahlia first trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, JB!

Recommend to purchase the tix online at 

Bought the tix online, easy and since Dhia is under 3 years old, free entrance for her.
RM55 each for me & hubby (with MyKad). So total of RM110.

As she's a big fan of Barney, we decided to opt for entrance to "The Little Big Club", where there is Barney, Bob the Builder, Pingu & Angelina Ballerina.

If your kids are above 4, I would suggest get entrance to Hello Kitty town as well.

Look at her, all gear up for the fun! 
Her favourite pose-mata mmg tutup kononnya senyum abis!

Papa pun naik excited juga! It's huge play area.
( I don'think we have all this when we were kids!, as mom, usual responsibilities to look after the stroller and bags. Haha). Wait til I have Bibik ya?

Papa dah surrender, haha. Obvious kan?
Dhia is completing her finishing line! Yay!

Ride in Thomas & Friends.

Her favourite, Barney! She spent quite sometime here

Mama pun tumpang excited

Spot Dhia! (Posing celah ketiak Bob), orang suruh pose kat kereta, she didn't

There's a cafe. Bit pricey, I had the Fried Rice Combo for RM15 (worth the taste)

Hubby had Chicken Burger Combo, comes with a mineral water

Bob The Builder!


Barney show! at 1pm. So make sure you be on time & checkout the showtimes schedule

Angelina Ballerina Ballet class.
Accessories & tutu skirt on loan 

 Some of the photos with Angelina, she seems to spend some time with Dhia.
Gomol-gomol abis

Souvenir shop! Dhia is checking out the stuff, she's a good girl, tak beli apa pun sbb dah banyak toys at home!

The Hello Kitty Town, 3 tingkat. 

Open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm

In case you wonder why you didnt see any crowd in our photos, We arrived at 10am sharp! Be early if it's Public Holiday/School Holiday ya :)

Have fun!