Saturday, May 24, 2014

Part 2: Per'l Xlim, Rahsia Wanita Kekal Mempersona!

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Hi! Do you remember my new friend? Per'l Xlim?
In case you have yet to meet my friend, 

It has been 2 weeks I'm consuming Per'l Xlim. I know that I will be running around and the nature of my job requires me to move from one place to another. Since it's in sachet and with the Per'l Xlim bottle, I'd bring them or they would follow me wherever I go :)

How was my experience drinking/consuming Per'l Xlim?
I'll take Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee flavour) 30 mins before my breakfast and Per'l Xlim Choco (Chocolate flavour) 30 mins before my lunch. After drinking it, I will feel full and that lessen my craving for food. 

Easy to prepare! Just with 150ml of hot water.

On top of that, rich ingredients in Per'l Xlim also gives me energy despite my full daily schedule (which sometimes I think I need more than 24 hours). I' d also take a lot of water as I love to drink water :p
I must be to frank to say this, but I no longer have constipation problem. Toilet experience is getting better, hihi.

Most important of all, in 2 weeks time, I've lost some kgs! (clap,clap,clap). Big smile on my face :) :) :)
I feel my body is lighter. Happy me! I would definitely recommend Per'l Xlim as it gives many benefit than just losing weight. Guys out there, you can also consume the drink. But not advisable for pregnant moms.

Oh, didn't I tell you that I am not a coffee drinker? Now I am used to it. Although in my first week, my body is adjusting to my coffee intake, slight dizziness (I used to take coffee 5 years back, that was when I discovered that I am not a coffee drinker-guess what? I fell asleep few mins after drinking my coffee. Haha. That was those day when I used to stay up with my friends, back in “asrama” life in MRSM).

My 2nd week was all okay, hubby is proud that I am now a coffee drinker ( else he wouldn't have a coffee drinker partner at home). Thanks to Per'l Xlim-I think I've fallen in love !

I help to take selfie for my Per'l tumbler flask ;p

On 8th May, we meet for 2nd Blogger meet up to check our 2 weeks progress with Per'l Xlim.
We took our measurements, can you see the happy face of me (good news , good news! )

We shared our experienced consuming Per'l Xlim

While waiting for others to take their measurements, we do what we do best- taking photo! Hehehhe

with my lovely ladies :)

and finally, group photos with all the bloggers.
Can't you tell that the big smile on our faces, (we lose weight! Yay Yay!)

I'm eagerly looking forward for another 2 weeks to get my complete 1 month result. Imagine the kgs you can lose in 1 month with just consuming Per'l Xlim with no diet and exercise ;p

Where ever I go, Per'l Xlim is always with me.
Be it stuck for hours in traffic jam, busy with work and even when I am out of town.

Selfie and lotsa selfie! 

Do stay tune for my next update :)


Ayue Idris said...

babe!! thanks for the pic~~ :)
comeynye selfieeeee...heheh

Mek Onie said...

akak always beautiful! :D

ct aminah said...

nak tanya..per'l xlim ni dah ada ka pasaran ke?saya tak jumpe pun..T.T

Nurfarhana Chek Saat said...

Comelnya kak fyz selfie dengan Per'l Xlim. Hahaha

F. Hilda said...

Ayue: kejap lg fiz upload last meeting photos, tp tak banyak
Mek Oni: Thank you sayang
Ct Aminah: Nantikan Iklan TV Perl Xlim insyallah sebelum Raya, dan akan berada di pasaran.
Fana: Thanks sayangku. Marilah kita berselfie!

F. Hilda said...

Ayue, checkout photos at