Sunday, June 8, 2014

#throwback Joey & Zoey Telemovie

YouTube-ing and found this!

Way back in 2009, did this for side income.

Spot me ;p

Some of behind the scenes photo that I still have

Me & Ainul- we are April babies!

Killing our time

MMU-ians, proud to be MMU students!
Azma Aizal Yusof is now a super talented actor, script writer & producer
Catch his latest work @ TV3, 7pm "Kerana Terpaksa Aku Relakan"

This was taken in 2011, I was 6 or maybe 7 months pregnant?
Azma was a producer and coincidently, he was shooting at my in law's place! (where I used to live at that time). Such a small world!

Was taken just recently at Rico Rinaldi's Summer Raya Fashion Show

Zahiril Adzim ( I hope it's the right spelling)

oh #throwback mode. Hehe.

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