Thursday, October 9, 2014

Complete your style with Casio Watch

We all know that our mobile phones (especially our smart phones) nowadays is our best friend. That's include telling the time. But hey, I think some of us still depends on our watch to tell the time. 

For me, WATCH is equally as precious as TIME. I still see people wearing their watches (including me). In fact, watches are also a substitute bracelet to dress up our outfit and to complete our style. ( I bet most of you will agree with me as I do dress up & match my watch with what I am wearing).

There are a variety of watch brands available in the market and one of the well-known brands to women is Casio. The brand is always keeping in track with the latest fashion trends to provide their fashion conscious customers with the best Casio watch

Here's the 3 different types of looks which we can create using the fabulous time piece from Casio whether on their casual day out or at work.


1. The Sweet Feminine Look
Select a silver time piece from CASIO watch collection and pair it with a nice adorable looking dress. The classic watch design that the brand has will perk up your outfit effortlessly as the simplicity of the watch design is suitable to get that modest look. Besides that, it also reveals a humble yet stylish fashion look for you to flaunt it around town or even on a date with the special someone.

2. The Sophisticated Woman
The next look is suitable for the ladies who want to show off a mature and charismatic side of them to others. Wear a gold metal plated CASIO watch with nice printed jumpsuit and a pair of killer heels on your day out or even at work. The signature gold design watch from Casio will definitely give you a professional appearance as well as portrays the ladylike personality you are aiming for.

3. Accessorize your wrist

Another look for you to try is by accessorizing your wrist with matching jewelleries to better enhance the look of your Casio watch. Whether you select a black coloured strap, gold or silver stainless steel watch from Casio, have fun and create a fantastic fashion look to convey your true vibrant personality. 

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These watches are definitely must have as it will complete you in whatever look you wished for. 

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