Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm 29 weeks :) ABC on my pregnancy

I'm back! 

Finally, I can kill some time & update my blog.
I am officially....

Let's talk about pregnancy.

FYI, this is my 2nd child.
My first child, DHIA DAHLIA was born 11th March 2012.
She's turning 3 and will be getting a brother/sister ;p

Since, some of you asked , let me share with you.
Here's the essential check list during pregnancy:


I think it's important to look good although we are pregnant.
You can purchase it online & direct at the store ( there's one in KLCC (in Isetan), Empire Subang where I normally go to). It's always been my preference since my 1st pregnancy as you can definitely use them even if you're not pregnant.

2nd pick will be MOTHERCLUB- I purchased at KLCC as well (in Isetan). 
The bottom & dresses are really affordable & comfortable too.

When is the right time to purchase maternity wear?
Well, for bottom- pants & skirt-5 months above or whenever you feel that your existing pants/skirts no longer love you ;p For dresses, I bought it at 7 months pregnancy.
It all depends on how big is your tummy. I am not a skinny person hence I need to hunt for maternity wear ;)

If you fancy dresses, you can also opt for FLOW (it's not maternity wear but it's for plus size & people with curve , yeah, we have curve!- but it works for me & I will definitely reuse it even for post pregnancy )

Opps, I don't really fancy rubber shoes ie Crocs but I like iPanema :)

You can always go to maternity/ baby shop for bra even nursing bra (only buy nursing bra when you are 7 months pregnant & above). For panties, normal lingerie shop would have a maternity pants, surprisingly AEON Jusco also selling comfy & very reasonable panties for mom to be, with adjustable strap & button :)

  • Monthly Check up- I normally do my 1st monthly check up till 6 months of pregnancy at nearest clinic (Klinik Pakar Wanita preferably/ clinic that offer ultrasound, prenatal checks). Once I reach 6 months pregnancy, I'd get a summary/full detail report from the clinic & start to book / continue my check up at the hospital where I plan to deliver. My 1st pregnancy- I did my checkup at KLINIK KITA, WANGSA MAJU & now at KLINIK FAMILI DR WAN KAMARIAH SETIAWANGSA. Klinik Kita- flexible & no appointment required but you'll get different doctor (depends on their availability & time you visit the clinic- I think it's lack of consistency as you refer to few doctors). Klinik Famili Dr Wan Kamariah- available Mon-Thu from 9am to 1pm, however you need to come at 8am to que for your turn. It normally takes 1-2 hours of waiting and you can practically ask anything you want! I guess that's why the waiting is painful as everyone drag the doctor's time. I like the doctor, but I found it quite gross that they actually reuse/ recycle the urine plastic cup. Errr...
  • Antenatal Class - very useful for first time parents- I attended mine at HUKM, about RM100 per couple for full day class 9am-5pm , food & notes provided. About 20 couples per class. You can always register for antenatal class at any hospital- good to do it at the hospital that you plan to deliver- we had a tour to the hospital, emergency hall & labor room. They also cover breathing technique, how to bath your baby, confinement care, exercise during pregnancy. There's goodie bags & free stuff ie diapers, formula milk ( I guess this depends on sponsors).
  • Hospital & Gynae - at 6 months the latest, book & plan where you want to deliver. It's crucial to continue your monthly check up at the hospital as you will need to prepare if it's a premature birth & hospital would prefer patient will full record so that they could treat you based on your record & medical history. This is also to book the gynae that you want. For both of my pregnancy, I started my check up at 6 months at the hospital.
  • Carry your Mom's Book/ "Buku Merah"/ Hospital Book- at 7 months do make it compulsory for you to bring your book anywhere at any time. You don't want any last minute or emergency to happen & you don't carry your record with you.
  • Hospital Bag- at 7 months, get your hospital bag ready in your car/ at home where you can just easily grab the bag.

I'm packing my hospital bag, will share with you the essentials you need :)
Oh yeah, I will continue my blog-sorry I had to put a full stop as my lil Dhia needs me now ;)