Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pamper me! Pregnancy Massage

I am a time bomb, I need a pause.

Yes, it's 34 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy, I don't think it's a good idea to go for a holiday, especially travelling by plane or any long journey drive. However, I really need to pamper myself. Please please, pamper me.

Pamper me, with the Pregnancy Massage.
Yep, Pregnancy massage , specially tailored for mom-to-be to help reduce anxiety and relief muscle cramps. 

Urban Retreat Spa @ The Curve offers the Pregnancy Massage.
It is located at 1st floor, same level as the MPH Bookstore.

The reception counter & waiting lounge.
They will serve you ginger tea before you begin your treatment. 

As you walk to your massage room.

Not to forget, Urban Retreat Spa is the winner of BAZAAR Spa Awards 2013 for the BEST Pre-Natal Massage. This is my very first experience for a Pregnancy Massage. 
Mom-to-be out there, don't worry, this is specially made for US :)

Meet Thip, my masseuse. 
Notice that super comfy pillow- The Pregnancy Pillow! Yes Yes Yes!
I told you, specially made for US :)
Her delicate touch & soft massage. No essential oil being used as some oil may be sensitive to some mothers. The massage focuses on lower back, hip, legs & neck. 

You will lied down on your left side, & hug the pillow and then to your right side.
I can't really remember what happened- I think I was in my deep sleep, hehe. It must be really good till I can't really recall what's going on ;p  It was all for 90 mins treatment 
(for RM159), for full body of course. 

 I normally will get body ache after any massage, but this time around, surprisingly, NONE. Must be the delicate touch from Thip, thank you Thip :)

I must say, I really enjoyed the pregnancy massage. Definitely will book for another session. Come & join me ;p There's a room for 2 ;)

If you plan to get a massage, you may do so at your 2nd trimester onwards.
and as late as 1 day or 1 hour before delivery :)

Other services offered by Urban Retreat Spa

Besides The Curve, there's another outlet in 1 Mont Kiara, check out their website

I highly recommend mom to be out there to go for it.
You will not regret it, trust me.


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