Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Suck Me!

Runny nose- it happens. Aww, poor little baby. 

Picture taken from Google

You wouldn't want to see you little ones down with runny nose.
I'd make sure her nose is clear from mucus else it may cause discomfort & difficulties to sleep. In my experience, runny-nose is the first sign of my little ones getting fever
(I'd prevent it asap)

The common baby nose cleaner
Personally, in my opinion, I don't find this useful as you can't see what you suck from your baby's nose & you can't control the suction.

I used this instead for my baby, it's clear and you can control the suction on your own, you can tell whether it is the clear mucus that may thicken and turn gray or yellow or green (yucks, but this is parenthood all about)

I hope this tips sharing is useful for parents out there. You don't want to end up buying the nose cleaner (pump) which is not useful at all.

and yes, I used it with this as well. The nasal spray to clean baby' s nose.
I got this from the clinic (some private clinic/hospital may have this) otherwise the pharmacy (I couldn't find it in Guardian & Watsons).

peace! :)

Mama, ni "kuku kahwin" - Dhia Dahlia

I've never fancy henna or anything on my nails (except to buff my nails).

The only time I had henna was when I was a kid (traditional henna from the leaves and you can't even move when you're sleeping to make sure it dry evenly on your nails- I hate it, it's a total mess for me) and the 2nd time I had it was on my wedding :)
(I had too, katanya nampak la skit macam orang baru kahwin).

Ok, fine mom :) 
#throwback 17/04/11

But, my little girl, fancy getting colors on her nails.

This was when I went to the hair saloon and she was restless and.....her waiting was worthwhile, they had mani & pedi . So, this was the RM10 treat for her for being a good girl.

Her first manicure experience (she's used to henna at home) as we attended many, many weddings. She called it "kuku kahwin"

At Silver Cut, Wangsa Walk.
You can clearly tell from her face, she's HAPPY.

and then, I discovered there's a child friendly nail color for kids.
Even momma pun boleh, it's washable. Yes, it goes off when you wash your hand.
Syariah compliance tak? heheh. 

RM39.90, I got this at Happy Kiddo @ Quill City Mall.
You can also get it at Happy Kiddo @ Publika/ Citta Mall  :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

BINDER for C-Sect Mom

Masa anak first dulu, tak pakai bengkung pun
(ada nanah dekat kanan jahitan c-sect, scary yes, hampir 2 bulan la jugak)

Ada beberapa jenis bengkung, kalau yang tradisional punya macam ni,
Ikat and lilit2. tapi tak semua pandai pakai ni.

and maybe juga tak beberapa sesuai untuk ibu2 yang C-sect

Kali ni, memang nak pakai, kalau tak memang gelebeh perut & lambat nk surut perut tu.
Recommended BINDER for C-Sect Mom.
It's recommended by my gynae, Dr. Seri Suniza (Prince Court Medical Centre)

Memang selesa, sangat elastik and bila pakai sangat sedap kat perut and dia support jahitan C-sect kita tu. Yang ni beli kt PCMC (harga dlm RM100++), tak sure pula kat mana ada jual.

Goggle from internet 

  • Increase abdominal compression
  • Reinforce abdominal muscles
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Promote good back posture
  • Improve post-abdominal surgery

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tukang Urut Bersalin?

Since ramai bertanyakan contact details untuk Urut lepas bersalin, I just want to share my tukang urut, Kak Nurul. Sangat peramah orangnya, before & after service pun bagus, urut lagi lah bagus.

I highly recommend you to hire Kak Nurul. In fact majority of my circle of friends hired her. Min 3 days urut, maximum 44 days urut. If you are out of Malaysia, she would be the best confinement lady, she would fly to you :) She did, to Dubai & Melbourne.

Untuk yang nak urut peranakan dan bercadang untuk get pregnant pun boleh cuba & iktiar dengan Kak Nurul.

Package K Nurul includes the following:
- Tungku
- Mandi herba
-Mandi baby
-Pakaikan bengkung
(barang2 semua K Nurul akan bawa, kecuali bengkung la kena beli sendiri or can get her recommendation). 

Normally between 2-3 hours for all the above. 
Please contact Kak Nurul for rate. She's also reachable through Whatsapp. When you whatsapp her, please include the following details (K Nurul ni famous & busy, in a day lebih 80 message). So just straight to the point:

Your details (Nama, Alamat Pantang, EDD, Recommendation dari siapa)
and she will reply you with a booking reference number.

Here's the details:

What to pack in your hospital bag?

I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to update my blog earlier, yes, my baby girl is 4 weeks old now.

Ok, let's see what you should really have in your hospital bag:


1. Going home attire (1 will do)- something loose & easy to breastfeed.
Do not forget your socks!

2. Maternity pad- I used this, fluffy & comfy :) even the hospital is using the same one. I only used mine on the day I discharge (depending on which hospital you go to, some provide and I believed it's included in the bill)

3. Panties (You can always use your maternity underwear or disposable)

4. Nursing bra and you can also bring your nursing cover/poncho

5. MUST HAVE- phone charger, power bank, camera (me & hubby are constantly on phones to update our family members & friends and also to capture the moments.

6. Toiletries -some hospital provide admission kit, if your hospital do not provide them, you can always bring your favourite shampoo, shower gel, facial wash, tooth brush & tooth paste. I brought my body mist :)

7.  Hair brush, hair band. I brought my hair dryer & hair straightener which I only managed to used hair dryer only on my last day in the hospital. Hahah. So drop this from your list. Haha

8. Contact lens/ spec (if you are using) *optional

Hospital (may varies depending on which hospital you stay) provides the following
(for my 4 days stay in hospital)
- Towel
-Disposable panties (I love it, super comfy, but they dont sell it. It's not the one in the pharmacy tho)
- Admission Kit (powder, shower gel, lotion, hair comb, tooth brush & tooth paste)


1. Going home attire (including mittens, booties)

3. diapers, wet tissue

Hospital (may varies depending on which hospital you stay) provides the following 
(for my 4 days stay in hospital)
-Wet tissue
-diaper supply
- toiletries (head to toe shower gel) * I do not bring any toiletries as hospital help to clean my baby :)

ENDS. Pretty simple , right?

Do not bring the unnecessary stuff like I did. You will regret it as you will have so many things to carry when you discharge, on top of all the gifts you receive in the hospital.

Just to share the unnecessary stuff that I brought:
1. hair straightener
2. breast pump (really, you don't have to, just direct feed your baby to stimulate your milk. your baby is the best breast pump)

Happy packing moms!