Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mama, ni "kuku kahwin" - Dhia Dahlia

I've never fancy henna or anything on my nails (except to buff my nails).

The only time I had henna was when I was a kid (traditional henna from the leaves and you can't even move when you're sleeping to make sure it dry evenly on your nails- I hate it, it's a total mess for me) and the 2nd time I had it was on my wedding :)
(I had too, katanya nampak la skit macam orang baru kahwin).

Ok, fine mom :) 
#throwback 17/04/11

But, my little girl, fancy getting colors on her nails.

This was when I went to the hair saloon and she was restless and.....her waiting was worthwhile, they had mani & pedi . So, this was the RM10 treat for her for being a good girl.

Her first manicure experience (she's used to henna at home) as we attended many, many weddings. She called it "kuku kahwin"

At Silver Cut, Wangsa Walk.
You can clearly tell from her face, she's HAPPY.

and then, I discovered there's a child friendly nail color for kids.
Even momma pun boleh, it's washable. Yes, it goes off when you wash your hand.
Syariah compliance tak? heheh. 

RM39.90, I got this at Happy Kiddo @ Quill City Mall.
You can also get it at Happy Kiddo @ Publika/ Citta Mall  :)

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