Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What to pack in your hospital bag?

I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to update my blog earlier, yes, my baby girl is 4 weeks old now.

Ok, let's see what you should really have in your hospital bag:


1. Going home attire (1 will do)- something loose & easy to breastfeed.
Do not forget your socks!

2. Maternity pad- I used this, fluffy & comfy :) even the hospital is using the same one. I only used mine on the day I discharge (depending on which hospital you go to, some provide and I believed it's included in the bill)

3. Panties (You can always use your maternity underwear or disposable)

4. Nursing bra and you can also bring your nursing cover/poncho

5. MUST HAVE- phone charger, power bank, camera (me & hubby are constantly on phones to update our family members & friends and also to capture the moments.

6. Toiletries -some hospital provide admission kit, if your hospital do not provide them, you can always bring your favourite shampoo, shower gel, facial wash, tooth brush & tooth paste. I brought my body mist :)

7.  Hair brush, hair band. I brought my hair dryer & hair straightener which I only managed to used hair dryer only on my last day in the hospital. Hahah. So drop this from your list. Haha

8. Contact lens/ spec (if you are using) *optional

Hospital (may varies depending on which hospital you stay) provides the following
(for my 4 days stay in hospital)
- Towel
-Disposable panties (I love it, super comfy, but they dont sell it. It's not the one in the pharmacy tho)
- Admission Kit (powder, shower gel, lotion, hair comb, tooth brush & tooth paste)


1. Going home attire (including mittens, booties)

3. diapers, wet tissue

Hospital (may varies depending on which hospital you stay) provides the following 
(for my 4 days stay in hospital)
-Wet tissue
-diaper supply
- toiletries (head to toe shower gel) * I do not bring any toiletries as hospital help to clean my baby :)

ENDS. Pretty simple , right?

Do not bring the unnecessary stuff like I did. You will regret it as you will have so many things to carry when you discharge, on top of all the gifts you receive in the hospital.

Just to share the unnecessary stuff that I brought:
1. hair straightener
2. breast pump (really, you don't have to, just direct feed your baby to stimulate your milk. your baby is the best breast pump)

Happy packing moms!


E`n1x said...

oh hey thanks for the nice post. it'll be my fourth time and i still don't know what is deemed useful to be brought along with me when i deliver. HAHA

F. Hilda said...

Hi E`n1x,

Thank you for reading :) yeah i know, this can be tricky at times. have fun packing dear :)