Monday, March 2, 2015

Trip to Kidzania!

Yay! It's 44 days of pantang is over. Let's officially end this confinement.
Hubby decided to bring me & DD for a day out.

It's Kidzania anniversary and just look at the q! We que-d almost 1 hour.
We came early at 930 and entrance starts at 10am (on a Saturday)

While queuing, we were given this-security watch.

The sales counter. 
I reckon you to purchase the ticket online 
(you will save more time and there's discount rate if you purchase it online)

The crowd & the q.

She's all excited-can't wait to enjoy her day!
DD is considered as toddler and the rate is RM38.

You can checkout Kidzania web for entrance fee.

Heading to Kidzania's Immigration

Scan your security watch for entrance

She's on fire!

As soon as you entered, you will need to cash out your "CIMB cheque of 50 Kidzos" ( they will issue the check at the sales counter), oh yes, Kidzos is the currency in Kidzania :)

the money that you get will be the starting money for your kids to play in Kidzania.
The concept is: if you work (you earn money), 
If you be a customer ( you will spend your money)

At the end of the day, they can spend the "Kidzos" @ the Department Store (they will do their own shopping)

DD is too young for Kidzania, so we decided to bring her to the salon.
You can choose to be a customer or work. Since DD fancy to color her nails, so yes, we sent her to do her nails! 

Look at her.

The crowd.

If your child is independent enough, can take instruction & be on their own, try out all the activities. At every point, they will indicate the suggested age to play. Would be so much fun for 7-17 years old.

Since DD is just 3 years old, the Infant Playroom/Nursery would be better for her.
It's for 3 years old and below. And ample space to play & or parents to rest too.

Just before the playroom, you can find the Baby Room (with water dispenser to prepare milk), sofa to breastfeed and a small toilet (it's clean) and comfortable.

Us @ the Nursery / play room

Just before we say goodbye to Kidzania

The only photo with 3 of us :) 

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