Friday, May 15, 2015

10 Most Common Baby Gift Ideas

Some one gave birth and you are looking for a prefect gift.

Here's some of the gift ideas.

Before we get there, I just wanna share my experience for having 2 kids and the
common things that I normally received.

(Disclaimer: I do not complaint and I appreciate as they hand picked the gift).

You might want to prepare and buy other things for your baby as these are they common gifts that you will get ( you might not need to spend on these items and you will get it for free ;p

1. Baby Toiletries Set

Trust me, the powder, baby oil & lotions- it can last you for 2 years stock!
Mind you- Some babies have a sensitive skin

2. Baby Wear
Definitely a yay! 
If you are expecting, you will surely appreciate getting all the baby wear.

3. Feeding Bottles
Some babies have a specific preferences on teats & bottles.
Take note: Fully breast-feed baby 

4. Wet Wipes
A blessed! You will never get enough of this.

5. Bibs & Mitten

Adorable! You just can resist in getting those!

6. Baby Shoes
Too cute isn't?

7. Baby Head Accessories

8. Baby Carrier
Sometimes, mom & babies have a preference on the baby carrier.
Do check with them first :)

9. Soft Toys

You won't reject this :)

10. Baby Towels
Definitely useful!

Share with me your common baby gift that you normally receive :)

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