Thursday, June 18, 2015

My love letter to DiGi

RM4/sms & RM548 for Jan-June 2015 bill for an unknown subscription.
I bet they have been charging me from 2012! What an easy way to make money.

Dear DiGi Customer Service,
I am writing to express my dissapointment and frustration. Being a loyal DiGi customer since 2010, I was once charged for my Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for more than 12 months and then was refunded by DiGi.

Again, to my surprise, I was then charged for an unknown SMS subscription that charged me for RM4 per sms!

1. I called your DiGi Customer Service to inquire on my bills on 15th June (Mon) at about 8.50 pm. Spoke to Ayu and she explained that I was charged for Rm4/sms from 33961 (which was referred as third party service). She assisted me (whom in the first place spoke to my husband as I was initially a sub-line and then I took the DiGi SmartPlan 148 and bought my iPhone6. I am now no longer a subline). We couldn't refer our E-Bills in the OCS and therefore we can't view the itemised bills. Ayu then referred our case to Technical to revert to us within 24 hours. She then also cancelled the SMS subscription and tried her best to solve our issue. We were happy with the way Ayu handled our case. She is definitely a good customer service representative and very attentive.

2. 16th June (Tue) at 11.47am, your DiGi customer service (her name is Kanta), called me and said that within 48 hours, "the third party" will call me to clarify. I asked her "What if they don't call me within 24 hours?", she then gave the MNC Wiressless contact details (which is the third party who has been charging me ridiculously!) . I did asked Kanta to provide me the itemised bills as I would like to know since when this 33961 SMS service has been charging me. She then said, I have to ask for it from MNC Wireless. I have no idea why a DiGi representative unable to provide me this details. She clearly not helping me at all and make me do her job instead! I personally think she need more training!

3. 16th June (Tue) at about 2pm, I called DiGi Helpline and spoke to Syafiqa. She was really helpful and she emailed me my E-bills from 12 Oct 2014 to 11 Jun 2015 in less than an hour. When I looked at the Itemised Bills, this 3rd party service (33961) has been charging me definitely more than RM548 all this while! I am pretty sure this has been charged to my account since 2011/2012 after the BIS incident. According to Syafiqa, she can only email me my E-Bills up to 6 months before and beyond that, she will need to request from the Billing Department. I am seeking your attention to investigate this matter and identify the start date that this 'unknown SMS subscription has been charging me.

1. How could this 'unknown SMS subscription' charged to my bills without my consent? If it's an 'automatic subscription', how could it be that easy to sign up for Rm4/sms that cost me more than RM548 in long run???? (I bet the amout is even more) That is a lot of money! I am totally dissapointed of this 'hidden charges'.

2. I can't view my E-bills to retrieve all my previous itemised bills- Syafiqa told me that although I no longer a sub-line, I have to go to DiGi Centre to cancel it/terminate/get out from the plan. I thought this was made clear when I signed the agreement during my iPhone6 purchase at DiGi KLCC. Please advise. It is so confusing.

3. With that, I am also unable to create MyOCS and I do not want to pay for UNCESSARY THIRD PARTY SERVICE WHICH HAS COST ME A LOT. With all this issue, I am unable to pay my phone bills.

I trust DiGi can do better than this. Please resolve all my issues and most importantly I want to know how much I have been paying for this ridiculous RM4 third party service.
Kindly look into this matter asap. Thank you.

I was told the culprit is MNC Wireless

They are the third party service that send an sms blast and charge the receiver RM4 per sms! What a way to make money.  I am not too sure on the mechanism of this 'business' but I think it is not fair to earn easy money just like that.

Always check your bills. I would say this is the cons of having paperless bills.

I have lodge my complaint on Mon, 15th June and to date I don't understand what took they so long to get the itemised bills, compile the cost and refund back my money. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pump it up! My home made juice.

Finally, decided to make my own home made pure juice.

Shopping for the ingredients
-Celery, green apples, beet root, lemon, oranges, carrot, anything that you want.
 Mint leaves, lemon & ginger will add a flavour to your juices

Dhia is wondering if her playdoh set could do and function the same!

Hubby is just as excited as I do , haha. Juicing!

Juicing in progress ;) I love this Slow Juicer! Absolutely awesome.
We gonna have a juice bar at home, yay! 

Aha! Our very first pure home made juice- Orange + Carrot + Ginger

The 2nd juice that we tried out- Celery + Green Apple + Lemon + Ginger
Some other juices that we experimented
1. Milk + Banan + Strawberry
2. Carrot + Apple + Beetroot + Lemon + Ginger

Next in my menu:
1. Soy milk
2. Almond milk
*Isn't obvious that I can't get enough of my new toy*

Here's the slow juicer- HUROM brand.
Price: RM 2,195

with 10 years warranty and you will be surprise that you can also make baby food, ice cream, ketchup sauce, mushroom/ corn soup and many more with the machine!
Super machine! I definitely need this more than an air-fryer
 (yes, I am super addicted to Juice Boost & La Juiceria)

You will get a juice recipe too ;)

It's a cold pressed method. You don't have to add water or sugar. Enjoy it as it is. #eatclean

I bought mine at Maybank Treats Fair (sales price excluding 6% GST, freebies: Slush & Shake maker worth Rm99, Egg Master & Ceramic Knife)

My juice inspiration

If you would like to get a full reviews and comparison of juicer available in the market, please check out the website below. You will be able to identify the right juicer for you!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Gift Ideas

 This would be my 'ideal' baby gift ideas. Of course, some might have different preferences towards their 'ideal' baby gift ideas or 'wishlist'

 1. Diaper cake
Yes, this is the must have essentials. You will never get enough of this!
I still remember when my 2nd child, Eria Erina was 1 month old, she practically used about 8 to 10 diapers a day!  Always check if your friend prefer cloth diaper as some babies may have allergy to the disposable diapers.

2. Caddy
I have the similar caddy. I found it to be really useful from my 1st baby till the 2nd baby.
I like things to be in order and well organized. So it is a must have for me.

3. Baby grooming kit
Termometer, nail cutter, hair brush, nose cleaner-definitely you need those.
For nose cleaner, I would recommend 

4. Wet Wipes
 Another essentials. It compliments the diaper :)
I used to stock up the wet wipes at Pureen Warehouse Sale.
You may check it out if there's any baby warehouse sales at

5. Liquid Cleanser
To clean baby feeding equipments, milk storage bottles and etc. You can even wash your vegetables and fruit with it.

6.  Sea Salt Spray for babies
You will definitely appreciate this if your baby is having runny nose especially below 1 year old baby. For more details
I pair this with my Pigeon Nose Cleaner and I avoid giving medicine to my 5 months old baby

7. Mosquito Repellant
This should be on the checklist especially if you are going for "balik kampung".
comes in band, sticker, spray and lotion (choice on you). I prefer sticker :)