Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Gift Ideas

 This would be my 'ideal' baby gift ideas. Of course, some might have different preferences towards their 'ideal' baby gift ideas or 'wishlist'

 1. Diaper cake
Yes, this is the must have essentials. You will never get enough of this!
I still remember when my 2nd child, Eria Erina was 1 month old, she practically used about 8 to 10 diapers a day!  Always check if your friend prefer cloth diaper as some babies may have allergy to the disposable diapers.

2. Caddy
I have the similar caddy. I found it to be really useful from my 1st baby till the 2nd baby.
I like things to be in order and well organized. So it is a must have for me.

3. Baby grooming kit
Termometer, nail cutter, hair brush, nose cleaner-definitely you need those.
For nose cleaner, I would recommend 

4. Wet Wipes
 Another essentials. It compliments the diaper :)
I used to stock up the wet wipes at Pureen Warehouse Sale.
You may check it out if there's any baby warehouse sales at

5. Liquid Cleanser
To clean baby feeding equipments, milk storage bottles and etc. You can even wash your vegetables and fruit with it.

6.  Sea Salt Spray for babies
You will definitely appreciate this if your baby is having runny nose especially below 1 year old baby. For more details
I pair this with my Pigeon Nose Cleaner and I avoid giving medicine to my 5 months old baby

7. Mosquito Repellant
This should be on the checklist especially if you are going for "balik kampung".
comes in band, sticker, spray and lotion (choice on you). I prefer sticker :)

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