Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pump it up! My home made juice.

Finally, decided to make my own home made pure juice.

Shopping for the ingredients
-Celery, green apples, beet root, lemon, oranges, carrot, anything that you want.
 Mint leaves, lemon & ginger will add a flavour to your juices

Dhia is wondering if her playdoh set could do and function the same!

Hubby is just as excited as I do , haha. Juicing!

Juicing in progress ;) I love this Slow Juicer! Absolutely awesome.
We gonna have a juice bar at home, yay! 

Aha! Our very first pure home made juice- Orange + Carrot + Ginger

The 2nd juice that we tried out- Celery + Green Apple + Lemon + Ginger
Some other juices that we experimented
1. Milk + Banan + Strawberry
2. Carrot + Apple + Beetroot + Lemon + Ginger

Next in my menu:
1. Soy milk
2. Almond milk
*Isn't obvious that I can't get enough of my new toy*

Here's the slow juicer- HUROM brand.
Price: RM 2,195

with 10 years warranty and you will be surprise that you can also make baby food, ice cream, ketchup sauce, mushroom/ corn soup and many more with the machine!
Super machine! I definitely need this more than an air-fryer
 (yes, I am super addicted to Juice Boost & La Juiceria)

You will get a juice recipe too ;)

It's a cold pressed method. You don't have to add water or sugar. Enjoy it as it is. #eatclean

I bought mine at Maybank Treats Fair (sales price excluding 6% GST, freebies: Slush & Shake maker worth Rm99, Egg Master & Ceramic Knife)

My juice inspiration http://lajuiceria.com.my/wp/juices/

If you would like to get a full reviews and comparison of juicer available in the market, please check out the website below. You will be able to identify the right juicer for you!



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F. Hilda said...

Hi La Juiceria!

Thank you for dropping by. I still go for your juices, especially days when I did not restock my fruits & vege :)

Eli Joseph said...

Wow, your homemade juice looks great. Homemade juices are way too healthier than packed ones. You know I also make Green drink at home rather than purchasing packed nutritional products as they are usually costly and quite harmful for body.