Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kudos to Digi Helpline!

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to DiGi Helpline for being really attentive and helpful. Finally, my issues are resolved. In case you missed my complaint stories to DiGi, here you go

The whole process took about 1 month. I lodge my complaints on 15th June and on 15th July I received my refund. Been talking to different Customer Helpline officers and finally handled by a representative in Email team. I've also channel my complaints via DiGi facebook and email too. I must say their response time is good and they will reply you.

So, here how it goes.

Mr Partiban (DiGi Email team), you have been really wonderful and many thanks for being consistent. He would call me on daily basis to share with me the updates and progress. In scale 10, 10 for excellent- I'd like to give you 11 if I can :)

 DiGi made contact with MMC Wireless (company who handles this SMS service for their client).The 3rd party charges (RM4/sms sent to me) has been charging me since Oct 2013. Unfortunately, DiGi managed to get refund for 6 months only, which total amount is RM420. I couldn't imagine the total amount if they were to refund me 100% **I bet it will be thousands**

Oh well, I guess this is better than nothing.  

They even notified me via SMS

  They also update me on the refund status. The refund amount will be credited in the DiGi account, it means, basically I don't have to pay my bills for few months until it reached total amount of RM420.

This is not the first time as DiGi did refund me some time ago for charging me the unused Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for more than 12 months. Do your right as a customer. You deserve what you deserve to.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ayu Fitriyah. She's my first contact point when I lodge the report. Thank you Ayu & Partiban!

Again, thanks DiGi. Always my preferred service provider.

Homemade Baby Oatmeal with Apple Puree

My lil girl- Eria Erina (EE) is now 6 months old and ready for solid food.

Masa EE 4 bulan, I dah consult dengan pediatrician the best time to start solid food.
Doc cakap kalau leher dia dah kuat dan boleh control kepala dia tegak, bila calit sikit makanan dia tunjukkan movement untuk chew makanan & mula gerakkan mulut everytime tengok kita makan jadi boleh la explore untuk start makan.

 Antara solid food yang saya bagi ialah apple, banana, avocado, pear & sweet potato.
Cara penyediaan ialah steam (banana & avocado tak perlu steam pun takpe sebab tujuan steam ialah untuk lembutkan buah tu supaya senang di blend). Lepas steam, boleh blend sampai lah dia halus dan tak terlampau pekat untuk baby telan. Kalau pekat sangat boleh tambah susu badan/ formula milk atau sedikit air rebusan.

Of course kena ikot "4 days wait rule" before introduce to new food supaya boleh tengok baby allergy reaction (kalau ada).  Always introduce single type of food maknanya kalau banana, banana saja dan tak perlu mix dengan buah lain. Bila baby dah ngam dengan food tu, kita boleh start untuk campur kan ingredient.
Oatmeal, brown rice dan barley pun antara sumber grains yang boleh diberikan kepada bayi 6 bulan. Adalah juga I buat some research on baby food, mana lagi kalau bukan Ms. Google kan, sharing dengan kawan-kawan. To be honest, masa my first baby I just beli ready made & instant baby food from supermarket. Maklumlah first baby kurang ilmu, kawan-kawan masa tu kebanyakan belum kahwin dan takde baby lg. I antara yang paling awal kahwin, at age of 23 :) So, this time around I hope I am more prepared for this.

I decided to introduce oatmeal to EE. Step nak prepare Oatmeal ni rupanya amat mudah dan menjimatkan. Sekurang-kurangnya kita sebagai ibu tahu apa ingredient yang digunakan dan cara penyediaan pun pastinya selamat & bersih.

1. Beli organic oat, I bought mine at ColdStorage. Organic oat ni sama lah juga dengan oat yang kita makan tu. Cuma bezanya, untuk baby kita kena blend oat ni sampai halus dan jadi "powder" form. Bila dah blend, boleh blend banyak lepas tu simpan dalam bekas kedap udara & simpan dlm fridge. Bila rasa nak guna, ambil dan campur la dengan apa2 pun.

2. Didihkan air  (saya gunakan air rebusan epal supaya dia ada natural sweetener & flavoring skit. Nak pakai air kosong pun boleh), lepas tu tambahkan oat powder tadi. Sukatan dia (to be honest, saya ni jarang sukat-menyukat, saya ikut kata hati je, hahaha. Sorry ye, lepas ni kena sukat betul2 supaya consistent). Bila agak dapat kepekatan yang kita nak tu kira okay lah, kalau baby kecil lagi, buat bagi cair. Kalau baby dah besar macam 8 months above tu maybe nak bagi pekat dan ada tekstur sikit.

Kacau kacau kacau.

3. Dah dapat kepekatan tu, I add the apple puree (cara penyediaan apple puree ni simple je, kupas kulit, potong kecil2 lepas tu steam & blend sampai halus). Kacau oatmeal & apple puree bagi sebati.

4. Kacau sampai sebati. Disebabkan EE baru 6 bulan, saya nak pastikan dia lagi halus, jadi saya akan blend. Kalau baby 8 bulan ke atas tu dah ok, boleh tunggu dia suam dan terus bagi baby makan. Walla, dah siap!

5. Dah blend jadi halus. Yay siap!

6. Storage- The best part, kita boleh frozen kan dan buat stok. Kalau frozen boleh tahan up to 3 bulan. Bila nak makan, nyahbekukan dan letak dalam fridge biasa. Bila nak hidang, just reheat dalam microwave. Baby Food Storage Cup ni sangat mudah, kita simpan baby food dalam ni, masuk freezer, bila nak makan nyahbeku dan panaskan dalam microwave. Bagus kan bekas ni? 1 bekas saja yang kita perlu basuh.

Saya beli baby food storage cups ni di One Baby World, RM21.50 ada 8 cups.

Ada juga cara lain, pakai ice cube tray.

Boleh juga lepas tu simpan dalam ziplock bag ni untuk jimatkan storage space.

Senang & mudahkan. Tak perlu sediakan makanan setiap hari. Penatnye sekali sahaja. 

I hope you find this post useful and enjoy making your baby food!
Credit to Google for the photos.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sinusitis Surgery

After sharing my sinus stories with some friends (surprisingly, it is quite common to have sinus). I decided to blog about my sinus journey. Hopefully, it helps those who are planning to go for sinus surgery or having sinus.

How it all started?
It's all started when I had bad flu for 2 months! Been to the clinic after completion of my antibiotics and numerous flu tabs which are not working and not getting any better. 

My symptoms
  • Drainage of a thick, greenish discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat
  • Nasal obstruction or congestion, causing difficulty breathing nose
  • Pain, tenderness and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste 
  • Ear pain
  • Aching in your upper jaw and teeth
  • Cough, which may be worse at night
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue or irritability
  • Nausea
 Endoscopic Scan
The clinic issued me a referral letter. I met ENT Specialist, Dr Yeo Sek Wee at Prince Court Medical Centre. Had endoscopic scan, yes I saw those green discharge. It is blocking my nose! In case you wonder, how does it look like, here you go:
You will expect this visual. (this is not mine by the way, I just googled it)

Dr then recommend me to go for sinus surgery. Which, I have booked my slot in 2 weeks time.

2nd Opinion- CT Scan
I decided to go for 2nd opinion @ KPJ Damansara Specialist and met Dr Roslan Mahamud and he did a CT Scan. So here is what to expect, you will use that machine! (I've always thought this is meant for cancer patient. I was wrong).Total bill for Ct scan and consultation is RM1,000++

 So the image of the CT scan will look something like this. It will tell you which and how many sinus are effected. Again, this is not mine as I do not keep the images with me.

Dr then told me it is a CHRONIC SINUSITIS and he said I must have this for a long time ago! Tulang hidung pun bengkok and there's polips! Totally it is blocking all my nose system.

Immediately I texted my bestfriend who is a doctor
"Dd, I have chronic sinusitis and I have to undergo a surgery?"
She replied " Eh bukan dari sekolah dulu you memang ada sinus ke?"

*KrikKrik moments* Yes, I am a girl who always keep a tissue in my pocket. I can never live without tissue! So that reminds me I have this sinus problem since I was young.

So, while waiting for my surgery (2 weeks Q since doctor's schedule is quite packed). Dr gave me flu tabs & nasal spray. Aerius to be taken 1 x morning & 1 x night. Avamys is 1 x morning & 1 night.

2 days before Surgery-My final checkup
I had another endoscopic scan, to my surprise, all the thick greenish discharge is now clear! and looks better. Dr said there's improvement and I can actually continue my medicine and put the surgery on hold. He did mention that medicine is 20-30% recovery but surgery will be 99% recovery. Will it come back after the surgery? Most patient who did surgery will unlikely visit doctor again for medicine.

In my case, I can continue the medicine but I shouldn't be too dependant on the medicine as it will cause bad effects to the kidney in long term.

Dr Roslan said "dia ibarat lalang, dah potong pun akan ada chances utk tumbuh kembali". Therefore, medicine, watch your food (especially sambal belacan & seafood) and other things that could trigger sinus is important.

I am free from sinus!
I am glad that I gave medicine a chance and it actually took more than 2 weeks to improve. Alhamdullilah, praise to God, my sinus is gone ( I can say it's gone as I no longer needs a tissue and my nose is dry all the time). No headache, no pain. Nothing :)

If I remembered it clearly, aside of taking the medicine, I had yoga with Atilia and I went for urut session with Kak Nurul. I told them "im going for a sinus surgery, wish me luck ya"

My 2cents
Of course I had a long thought before I decided to go for surgery, I even say Bye to everyone in the office as I will undergo my surgery and will be away for medical leave for few days. Hahahahhahaaa. It's all now a false alarm.

Most people advised me not to proceed with the surgery. Some took advantage and promotes their MLM products. My judgement is simple, I still believe the doctors, as they are qualified for it (they spent 5 years or maybe more to be a specialist!) and I am sure they didnt simply get someone to go for a surgery. Plus, Dr actually diagnosed us and they know us better (especially the medical condition). My fear is that, if you skipped the doctor and things getting worse, at the end of the day you will still endup and look for them! 

Oh yes, before I end , the sinus surgery will cost you maximum RM20,000 maximum inclusive ward and etc. As quoted by Prince Court Medical and KPJ Damansara Specialist.
Thanks to Emily Lims who inspired me to create a post on this. I hope it will be a good sharing for everyone