Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kudos to Digi Helpline!

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to DiGi Helpline for being really attentive and helpful. Finally, my issues are resolved. In case you missed my complaint stories to DiGi, here you go

The whole process took about 1 month. I lodge my complaints on 15th June and on 15th July I received my refund. Been talking to different Customer Helpline officers and finally handled by a representative in Email team. I've also channel my complaints via DiGi facebook and email too. I must say their response time is good and they will reply you.

So, here how it goes.

Mr Partiban (DiGi Email team), you have been really wonderful and many thanks for being consistent. He would call me on daily basis to share with me the updates and progress. In scale 10, 10 for excellent- I'd like to give you 11 if I can :)

 DiGi made contact with MMC Wireless (company who handles this SMS service for their client).The 3rd party charges (RM4/sms sent to me) has been charging me since Oct 2013. Unfortunately, DiGi managed to get refund for 6 months only, which total amount is RM420. I couldn't imagine the total amount if they were to refund me 100% **I bet it will be thousands**

Oh well, I guess this is better than nothing.  

They even notified me via SMS

  They also update me on the refund status. The refund amount will be credited in the DiGi account, it means, basically I don't have to pay my bills for few months until it reached total amount of RM420.

This is not the first time as DiGi did refund me some time ago for charging me the unused Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) for more than 12 months. Do your right as a customer. You deserve what you deserve to.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ayu Fitriyah. She's my first contact point when I lodge the report. Thank you Ayu & Partiban!

Again, thanks DiGi. Always my preferred service provider.

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