Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visit to Petrosains

Bought the kids to Petrosains (in fact, it was my first trip to Petrosains :p )
Erina, as usual was clueless but she managed to satisfy her curiosity.

It was the Math's Week and we took this opportunity to join the activities.

Yes, baking! with maths of course.
Erina wanted to join the fun but couldn't reach the table top (sorry dear)

There's no chair here (let me be the behind the scene mom)
Dhia was all excited and she couldn't wait to get her hands dirty

Here's the recipe

Our best supporter ever-Papa assisted Dhia while I'm running after Erina and snap some photos in between

Mix them! 

Didn't I tell you it's Math's Week?

Mission accomplished

Tried on other activities while cookies are in the oven

Yeah man, No 5.

Tada! It was quite tasty! with very simple ingredient to prepare.
Guess gonna try them out at home later.

Tried the origami too. The volunteers at Petrosains were very friendly.

Got her frog origami.

Family photo. It's a wrap whenever you managed to get a family photo especially with kids around (a good photo is actually when everyone is in the frame, trust me). 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dhia's 4th Birthday

Decided to do a mini celebration at her school so that she could celebrate with her school friends. Initially she wanted a "Hello Kitty" theme but managed to convince her to go with "Rainbow" theme.


Getting ideas.

Went to party supplies shop @ Melawati

Address: Lot 226, Ground First Floor, Jalan Nagara 2, Taman Melawati, 53100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 53100, Malaysia Phone:+60 3-4108 3443 Hours: 
Open today · 9AM–7PM

Paper straws!
They are cheap, RM4.25 for 25 pcs per pack.
Grabbed anything in rainbow :)
Party pack includes the following

Time to get our hands dirty, the deco!
"Rainbow on the go" party pack in a cup (paper bag is boring ;p )
Each pack cost us less than RM5 :)

Yes,I cut each of them! 

Yay, all ready :)

Look at her, she's all excited.

Custom made cake topper, which cost you around RM25-50
(Depending on the design, color & material)

The cake & goodies for the kids
 Rainbow cake by Amida Bakery

With birthday girl :) 

Intimate birthday celebration with her school mates 

The kids. We made them confused and they drank the "rainbow on the go" party pack.
Sorry kids, it's a cup full of goodness :)

Group photo, yay!

Happy 4th Birthday, Dhia Dahlia!

How I describe SECOND CHILD

Unique than the other

That cheeky face

Again, spot first child and second child.


Give me that mom. I can do it on my own.

So this is how it tastes like.

Showing her best.

I love you. No matter how different you are.

"To Do List" before I pop!

What to prepare prior to your delivery day?
Especially for 2nd baby onwards.

First baby, it's all about getting the "princess treatment". All you need to worry is list of things to buy and your items to pack in the hospital bag. Then, leave the rest to the good hand of our mom :)

Second baby, you set your expectation and plan things accordingly.
You will learn from the first baby experience and further improve for the second baby. Among of the things that I have improved is breastfeeding (trust me, it's not easy and you will need a strong support system to "master" breastfeeding.

Third baby? It's more than just you and the baby.

Our preparation may not be the same but here's my "to do list" before my delivery day.

1. Self preparation is important to me. Checklist:

a. Cleanliness- Waxing, manicure & pedicure (may not be priority to some but yes for me)

b. Set bersalin- I opt for Nona Roguy because all the items are for daily consumption and application. Practical for own usage. Managed to get good bargain (RM250 with postage instead of normal price at RM365)

c. New spec- To compliments my panda eyes ;p (really, not necessary but yes for me). Note: our vision may be different especially during pregnancy, thus it is not recommended to get  a new spec. But if your eye reading remain the same, then I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

d. Confinement lady- booked.

2. BabyVery minimal as I have most things ready from the previous 2.
I bought wet wipes, diapers and few new clothes.
Oh yes, new playpen (for my previous 2, I used baby crib and playpen that was given by my aunt and those are 10 years already. I had to buy new playpen due to the wear & tear). Oh come on, here's the change for the 3rd one to get their own things :)

3. HouseholdSince my confinement period will be at my place, there's few things I have considered to ensure things are in order.

a. Baby sitter/maid- With 2 kids around, I definitely need a maid. Especially with the house chores- laundry and cleaning. Managed to get maid 6 months and sufficient period to train her. Minus all the drama and heart attack that she gave me during my early stage pregnancy. Thank God I can rely on her and trust her.

b. Groceries shopping- I restocked household items and dry food items 1 month before, the perishable items, will get it 2 days before I "check-in". Oh yes, I bought chicken, meat and fish from "Barang Dapur Basah", they will deliver it right to your door step! Very reliable and recommended :)


c. Confinement food- I surveyed few confinement food provider and personally I think they are expensive especially with daily delivery cost. So I decided to google the confinement recipe, print the menu and train my maid to cook :) My mom will be around too, that's the best part.

and got this too. To prepare my confinement food ;p

d. Food for the guest- In western countries, they encourage guest to actually bring foods and stock up our fridge. However things are done differently here. At minimal, I would need to serve something for my guest especially family and close friends who came to visit the baby. I ensure that coffee, tea, cordial drinks, canned longan/laici and frozen kuih (ie currypuff, cucur badak & samosa). As easy as just fry them :) Of course, maid will handle that too.

4. Home
I did spring cleaning prior to my delivery. I rearrange things including furniture arrangement. I reorganize things in the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe & workstation (you will be surprised of the things that you kept all this while and you will discover items that has gone missing/away from your eyesight for quite sometime, really). I make sure maid is around and aware of the placement of the items.
I also get my kids to organize her things.

Had to maximize the bedroom space to accommodate 1 sofa bed & 2 playpens. (Make way please for new playpen!) Have yet to train the kids to sleep in their room. So, got to say yes to "nursery" kind of look for our bedroom.

5. Others/MiscOn top of all the things I listed earlier, there are other few things I need to settle such as:
1. e-filing- Have you done yours? I did (waiting for LHDN to bank in the excess payment)
2. Car road tax & insurance which expiring end of this month. Done! I don't have to worry anymore :)
3. Work Handover- Preparing my list of handover for my colleagues since I will be away for 2 months maternity leave. This would help and to also avoid your office/colleagues bugging you during your confinement. A proper handover would give you a relief and piece of mine.

4. Teacher's Day is just around the corner.
I've always wanted a personal touch whenever I choose a gift. Decided to go with this gift for Dhia's teachers. Customized the message card & sticker label.

Bought this at Sunway Pyramid. I love them.
I hope the teachers will like it too :)

6. Get ready for sleepless night, again. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The 3rd Pregnancy: Less is more

What to expect for 3rd time mom?
Definitely, what ever that is practical and keyword is LESS IS MORE :)

I must say, my objective compared to my 1st baby is completely different.
When I first had my baby, technically, everything falls into your "things to buy" list. I need almost everything and anything.

Coming to the 2nd baby, since it's the same gender, I practically recycle everything (of course, excluding diapers & wet wipes). Then, I started to realize the actual need (is actually the basic needs) and things that practical for me to have.

and the third baby....

1. You lost count of the pregnancy age
(Wait a minute, is it 8 months already or 32 weeks? Let me check my baby bump apps)

2. What? Hospital bag? What do I bring again?
(I used to have a long list of things to pack & bag is ready by 7 months pregnancy)
I am at my 36 weeks today and *I will pack soon*

3. What else do I buy?
*I can't think*

4. What's for dinner?
What's the 2 girls doing at home?
Any school homework today?
(Yes, that's what exactly on my mind now. During first baby, you have all the time and focus. Going 2 and so on, you just have so many things to juggle and think of.

But hey, that's not all. For 3rd baby, especially going for confinement, there's list of things to consider. Shall share it in my next post :)