Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The 3rd Pregnancy: Less is more

What to expect for 3rd time mom?
Definitely, what ever that is practical and keyword is LESS IS MORE :)

I must say, my objective compared to my 1st baby is completely different.
When I first had my baby, technically, everything falls into your "things to buy" list. I need almost everything and anything.

Coming to the 2nd baby, since it's the same gender, I practically recycle everything (of course, excluding diapers & wet wipes). Then, I started to realize the actual need (is actually the basic needs) and things that practical for me to have.

and the third baby....

1. You lost count of the pregnancy age
(Wait a minute, is it 8 months already or 32 weeks? Let me check my baby bump apps)

2. What? Hospital bag? What do I bring again?
(I used to have a long list of things to pack & bag is ready by 7 months pregnancy)
I am at my 36 weeks today and *I will pack soon*

3. What else do I buy?
*I can't think*

4. What's for dinner?
What's the 2 girls doing at home?
Any school homework today?
(Yes, that's what exactly on my mind now. During first baby, you have all the time and focus. Going 2 and so on, you just have so many things to juggle and think of.

But hey, that's not all. For 3rd baby, especially going for confinement, there's list of things to consider. Shall share it in my next post :)

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