Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visit to Petrosains

Bought the kids to Petrosains (in fact, it was my first trip to Petrosains :p )
Erina, as usual was clueless but she managed to satisfy her curiosity.

It was the Math's Week and we took this opportunity to join the activities.

Yes, baking! with maths of course.
Erina wanted to join the fun but couldn't reach the table top (sorry dear)

There's no chair here (let me be the behind the scene mom)
Dhia was all excited and she couldn't wait to get her hands dirty

Here's the recipe

Our best supporter ever-Papa assisted Dhia while I'm running after Erina and snap some photos in between

Mix them! 

Didn't I tell you it's Math's Week?

Mission accomplished

Tried on other activities while cookies are in the oven

Yeah man, No 5.

Tada! It was quite tasty! with very simple ingredient to prepare.
Guess gonna try them out at home later.

Tried the origami too. The volunteers at Petrosains were very friendly.

Got her frog origami.

Family photo. It's a wrap whenever you managed to get a family photo especially with kids around (a good photo is actually when everyone is in the frame, trust me). 

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