Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ops Kutu 1.0

I really didn't see this coming and didn't prepare for this.
One thing that parents should be prepared for especially when your kids are at nursery/ school.


K-U-T-U ! Yes , kutu!

You know you are in trouble and panic mode when your kids are affected with "kutu" (lice)
In case you have forgotten how does lice looks like, here you go!
Photo taken from babycentre.com

We discovered that Dhia was affected with "kutu" (apparently this is quite common especially when your kids are at school- another stage for us parents to worry about, sigh) when she kept scratching her head (yes, she has eczema but that's not the usual eczema spot). 

I know some parents did check their child's body on daily basis. I wish I can but I can't afford the time to do so. On another note, a friend of mine actually prepared for this and every time after school time, she checked on her daughter for lice, any scratches/ wound/ other unusual marks/symptoms. Welcome to parenthood! 

I immediately texted her school teacher and asked if anyone in the school was affected with lice. Teacher replied yes. I didn't make a big deal out of it as it is common (hey, I used to have kutus too when I was a kid). 

Focusing on what's next? 
We then bought this at the pharmacy. It comes with the comb as well. 

Note: Shower cap is not included ya. 
I kept a lot of hotel's shower cap. Shhh! (You never know when you need them)

Wait, before that, let's bring back some memories.
I am pretty sure you have seen this (say yes especially when you used to have kutus!)

Sikat kutu! hehehe.
Photo credit to http://kure-kure-garage.blogspot.my/2013/01/sikat-kutu.html

So, OPS KUTU 1.0 ! 

We applied the lice clear (it's oily and in liquid form)
Let it rest for 15 mins before shampooing/ rinse with water.

Meet our hero, who made everything possible.
(Operasi kutu in progress)

Reapply for 3 consecutive days and check if hair is lice free.

Our little one was affected too (got it from her sister) but we only applied extra virgin olive oil on her head (lice clear liquid is not recommended for child age 2 and below). Why olive oil? We google and it says so. Haha. (Don't lie, you would do the same and google too ;p )

It works! 
Goodbye Ms. & Mrs. Lice!
( I don't wanna see you or meet you)

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