Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our third princess, Cahaya Camelia

 Introducing our 3rd princess, Cahaya Camelia,
born 16th May 2016, 8.30am weighing 3.45 kg via c-sect.

This is my third baby via c-sect. I probably need to blog in a separate post of why all my three kids are via c-sect.

Anyway, here's the precious moment, our very first photo with our newborn, few seconds after she was born. Welcome sayang :)

Money shot. One of a life time memories.

In the operation theater. Photo taken by hubby using Theta 360 camera.

Cahaya Camelia, Day 5. Before we left the hospital.

Few days after sucking my milk :) 

1  month old 

2 months old.

I can't believe that I have to leave you soon. Maternity leave is over :(


Ramesh Kumar said...

Lovely pics of cute angle, Happy Birthday to new life

Natasha Iman said...

Hi.. how do you apply for the internship programme at digi? Through jobstreet is it?

F. Hilda said...

Thank you Ramesh.

Hi Natasha, I was doing part time job with DiGi before I got to know that they are looking for interns.