Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spare part for the rice cooker

It's been years since I last used this rice cooker as the inner pot was damaged (due to cleaning with the metal sponge). Decided to look out for the inner pot as I wanted to use 2 rice cooker at a time. 1 for hubby and 1 for cooking porridge for the kids.

Hardly see any rice cooker spare part at the supermarket. So I decided to snap the photos and get in touch with the manufacturer, trying my luck if they sell the inner pot separately for that particular model.

Getting the right details

I sent a message through Facebook Khind Malaysia. 

Quite happy with their response time. In 2 hours, their Customer Service team actually called and informed me that I could purchase the inner pot for RM15 only. 

I am quite impressed as they handle inquiry pretty well.
Since their office quite a distance from my place, I decided to purchase it and get them to courier it to me. How convenient things are nowadays.

I get this fixed and save my money from buying another rice cooker. Always check with the manufacturer if they have any replacement/ loose spare part for you to purchase. 

I remembered I used to ask for a coffee machine spare parts (the glass container but they didn't have the extra parts and I will need to purchase the new set-which is happened to be a lucky draw prizes but ended up not using as we can't use the glass container (was cracked probably when the items was transported from one place to another).

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