Monday, March 20, 2017

Parenting Hacks: 3in1 stroller

We have 3 kids (5yo , 2yo and 1yo) respectively.
It's such a challenge to have individual stroller for three of them (storage in the car boot can be crazy too)

5 years old could walk on her own but we gotta manage another two strollers. Also, when the first one got tired/ wanna sleep, we gotta get one of them off the stroller.

Been looking for a perfect stroller that is easy to maneuver and keep all three of them together. Initially, we have been eyeing for twin stroller (side by side), but didn't quite like the experience when we tried to push the stroller. We also checked out the umbrella fold double stroller but finally found this....

Babytrend Baby Sit n Stand double stroller
(it's claimed to be one of the best seller on Amazon too)

and what great about this stroller is, it has multiple configurations

1) If you have 2 toddler

2) 1 toddler and a newborn
(yeah, you have to get the baby carrier separately which can be the car seat too)

3) You can even carry baby twin

4) we went extra miles & got a little bit creative, and carry 3 instead

youngest in baby carrier facing her two sisters (the eldest standing)

all 3 of them front facing


Bought this for RM900 (for 3 kids, it's really a good steal!) at WangsaWalk Mall. The shop is next to Absolute Thai Restaurant. The baby carrier can be purchased separately (bought it at RM600 after discount).

The only downside is it takes some space in our car boot (but always better than bringing 3 strollers).

Perhaps, this double stroller comparison could help you to decide best stroller for you

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Customized "Setemku"

I started collecting stamps in my childhood and stopped the hobby when I created my Friendster account *you can guess my age*  

Had a fruitful discussion with PosMalaysia Stamp & Philately Unit today. Didn't know that the limited edition stamps are very unique (even with foil printing stamp, embroidery, scented stamp and they come in various shapes too). #jakunmode

For a true stamp collectors, there's even full complete set which includes folder, first day cover, miniature sheet, brochure, themed stamps with cancellation stamp. 

Stamp collectors out there, checkout special edition MRT stamps in July 2017. If you are big fan of transportation and train, you must get them! 

Took the opportunity to do a customized stamps too.
Only available at General Post Office (I went to the one near Dayabumi), near to Pasar Seni LRT station. 

First, you need to chose the template & stamp that you want.
I picked the one with orchid :) matchy theme & photos. Photos can be whatsapp, email or transfer from your smart phones.

Just few minutes to get your stamp ready and printed. There's 10 stamps (60 cent value each) and for this, it costs RM20.15 inclusive GST.

Other available themes are 1Malaysia (if you are a politician, you should get this-GE is coming), birthday, anniversary and teddy bear.
Stay tune, they gonna launch the new "SetemKu" templates in April 2017.

Great gift for wedding invite, anniversary and engagement.

If you notice my photo is next to the orchid stamp. 
The new "SetemKu" will be even better and photos to be embedded in the stamp layout.

Don't worry if you didn't have time to walk in to the general Post Office. You can do your online order at

Monday, March 6, 2017

Daftar Anak Pra Sekolah (6 tahun, 2018) & Tahun 1 2019

Dhia will be 6 years old next year. So decided to enroll her to Government Pre School.
It's basically pre school but at government school, also in preparation for her Standard 1.

Apa beza Pra Sekolah swasta dan government?
Bayaran :) Kalau swasta, yuran tahunan/ pendaftaran sekitar RM1000 ke atas, bergantung kepada lokasi , kalau established pre school, lagi mahal la yuran nya. Kalau government, very minimal. Tak pasti pula berapa.

Syarat kelayakan ? Dalam website tidak dinyatakan ie. gaji. Bila pergi sekolah pun, dia cakap "awak cuba je apply". 

I have registered online for Pra Sekolah & Tahun 1 & submitted the hard copy of the registration form together with the supporting documents as required. 
Done 3 March 2017! Yay! Lega rasanya.

Since ramai yang tanya how to apply and register, so let me share my experience:

How to register? You need to register with the website and Login accordingly

a. Kanak-kanak warganegara Malaysia sahaja
b. Kanak-kanak yang lahir pada 2 Januari 2012 hingga 15 Januari 2014 sahaja yang layak untuk memohon. (Dhia born 11 March 2012, so boleh lah register)

Boleh baca full manual di sini 

1. Register
2. Print form & bawa document to school that you applied
(I have choosen SK Taman Melawati 2).
3. Done

Take note that dalam website tak mention that we need to make sure the documents are certified true copies. How to get it certified?
1. Pergi jumpa Nazir Masjid
2. Ketua Kampung
3. Government officials
4. Pesuruhjaya sumpah

I didn't know, bila nak submit tu, sekolah tak terima sebab dokumen tak certified true copy. 
Jadi apa lagi, melilau lah cari nazir masjid tapi takde. Last last pergi Pesuruhjaya sumpah

Dokumen apa? Make sure bawa yang original untuk sahkan salinan adalah benar
1. MyKid
2. Sijil Kelahiran
3. IC ibu dan bapa
4. Sijil kahwin 
5. Bil elektrik TNB/ bil air
6. Slip gaji ibu & bapa

macam ni la rupa cop nya

Kalau pergi Pesuruhjaya Sumpah, per certified copy is RM4. 
Saya ada total 7 copies, so jadi la RM28 (tu pun dah save sebab IC ibu bapa copy in one page, bil elektrik/air pun satu page). 

Bagi yang duduk area Taman Melawati, ada 2 pesuruhjaya sumpah yang berdekatan:

1) Taman Melawati, deret belakang Espresso Lab
(note: Tutup hari Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad)

2) Wangsa Maju dekat dengan Wangsa Walk
(opposite Avon)

Kalau kawasan lain, boleh call no ni untuk check senarai Pesuruhjaya Sumpah yang berdekatan kawasan anda 03 88804296

Dah settle certified true copies, akhirnya, sekolah accept application tu. Now, tunggu result pula.

Ok, untuk Tahun 1 pula, boleh pergi website ni
Macam biasa, kena daftar juga, ikut nombor IC.

Homework for parents before mendaftar:
1. Recce dulu sekolah mana anda nak hantar anak anda.

Macam saya, sekolah yang saya pilih tu :
i. dekat dengan rumah (less than 3km) supaya senang nak hantar & ambil, kalau ada aktiviti koku/ hari sukan ke apa, make sure dekat supaya senang nak pergi hantar & ambil. 
ii. Prestasi sekolah- yang ni kena ask around/ bekas pelajar dari sekolah tu (husband dulu sekolah situ).
iii. Environment sekolah tu (dari kawasan sekolah tu, kita bole agak "lifestyle" atau "population" camana kita nak anak kita bergaul). Ini hanyalah pendapat saya. 
iv. School condition- kalau PIBG sekolah tu strong, boleh tengok facilities dan landscape sekolah lagi terurus dan terjaga. Pendapat saya, banyak dana maka lagi terjaga lah keadaan sekolah tu.

2. Penting: Ada satu section tu, kena letak jadual imunisasi anak anda. Jadi buku yang ada rekod bila cucuk kat hospital/klinik tu, make sure ada dengan anda bila anda nak apply tu. Buku tu penting, kalau hilang, cepat-cepat cari atau dapatkan rekod dari pihak hospital berkenaan.

Sila baca panduan cara mendaftar online ye, 

Once you have completed the online application and printed out the “Senarai Semak”, at the end of the “Senarai Semak”, there is a list of what documents are needed to bring to the applied school. This one tak perlu true certified copies.

1) Sijl lahir/Borang W/Sijil Anak Angkat (original & copy)
2) Bil Utiliti (Bil elektrik TNB/Air) (original & copy)
3) Kad Pengenalan Ibu bapa/Penjaga (original & copy)
4) Surat Nikah/Surat Daftar Perkahwinan/Surat Cerai (sekiranya berkaitan) (copy)
5) Surat Hak Penjagaan/Perintah Mahkamah (sekiranya berkaitan) (original)
6) Laporan Doktor & Kad OKU (sekiranya berkaitan) (original & copy)

Lepas tu, kena print juga kebenaran supaya anak anda diberikan vaksin disekolah, kena sign surat tu dan submit sekali dengan registration form yang dah diisi online, supporting documents.

Dalam website tak de mentioned ni, bila saya submit kat sekolah, dia minta envelope & setem untuk pos result penempatan sekolah.  Masa tu dah malas nak patah balik pi kedai since da dapat pas pelawat (nak kena register balik etc), jadi beli je, sekolah tu jual envelop & setem RM2. Tak pasti pula size apa & setem berapa sen.

Selamat mendaftar!