Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Customized "Setemku"

I started collecting stamps in my childhood and stopped the hobby when I created my Friendster account *you can guess my age*  

Had a fruitful discussion with PosMalaysia Stamp & Philately Unit today. Didn't know that the limited edition stamps are very unique (even with foil printing stamp, embroidery, scented stamp and they come in various shapes too). #jakunmode

For a true stamp collectors, there's even full complete set which includes folder, first day cover, miniature sheet, brochure, themed stamps with cancellation stamp. 

Stamp collectors out there, checkout special edition MRT stamps in July 2017. If you are big fan of transportation and train, you must get them! 

Took the opportunity to do a customized stamps too.
Only available at General Post Office (I went to the one near Dayabumi), near to Pasar Seni LRT station. 

First, you need to chose the template & stamp that you want.
I picked the one with orchid :) matchy theme & photos. Photos can be whatsapp, email or transfer from your smart phones.

Just few minutes to get your stamp ready and printed. There's 10 stamps (60 cent value each) and for this, it costs RM20.15 inclusive GST.

Other available themes are 1Malaysia (if you are a politician, you should get this-GE is coming), birthday, anniversary and teddy bear.
Stay tune, they gonna launch the new "SetemKu" templates in April 2017.

Great gift for wedding invite, anniversary and engagement.

If you notice my photo is next to the orchid stamp. 
The new "SetemKu" will be even better and photos to be embedded in the stamp layout.

Don't worry if you didn't have time to walk in to the general Post Office. You can do your online order at

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