Monday, March 20, 2017

Parenting Hacks: 3in1 stroller

We have 3 kids (5yo , 2yo and 1yo) respectively.
It's such a challenge to have individual stroller for three of them (storage in the car boot can be crazy too)

5 years old could walk on her own but we gotta manage another two strollers. Also, when the first one got tired/ wanna sleep, we gotta get one of them off the stroller.

Been looking for a perfect stroller that is easy to maneuver and keep all three of them together. Initially, we have been eyeing for twin stroller (side by side), but didn't quite like the experience when we tried to push the stroller. We also checked out the umbrella fold double stroller but finally found this....

Babytrend Baby Sit n Stand double stroller
(it's claimed to be one of the best seller on Amazon too)

and what great about this stroller is, it has multiple configurations

1) If you have 2 toddler

2) 1 toddler and a newborn
(yeah, you have to get the baby carrier separately which can be the car seat too)

3) You can even carry baby twin

4) we went extra miles & got a little bit creative, and carry 3 instead

youngest in baby carrier facing her two sisters (the eldest standing)

all 3 of them front facing

Bought this for RM900 (for 3 kids, it's really a good steal!) at WangsaWalk Mall. The shop is next to Absolute Thai Restaurant. The baby carrier can be purchased separately (bought it at RM600 after discount).

The only downside is it takes some space in our car boot (but always better than bringing 3 strollers).

Perhaps, this double stroller comparison could help you to decide best stroller for you

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